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Biplanes update?

Hi, I'm new to this board and though I lack the time to spend much time on my Amiga I still love using it .

Anyway, I've seen lots of mentions of Bip / Biplanes. I myself loved the game too. In 1998 (I think it was) I was annoyed it didn't work on my Amiga 4000 so I fixed some problems it had and added keys to pauze or quit the game. I then showed it to Chris, who I knew from IRC and who was creator/editor of a sort of diskmagazine called AIO. He reviewed the (fixed version of the) game in AIO issue 23 (apr 1999). The link in the article still works:


Since then I've worked on it some more times. Some things I had planned were allready working, others weren't finished yet:
  • (done) replaced the silly options you had to choose with the joystick with a normal menu. that way you could also change options without restarting the game.
  • (done) removed the fake/real stereo (real stereo was also kinda fake)
  • (done) option to change the amount of clouds from 0 to 5 (original had 3)
  • (done) placed all graphics and sounds in seperate files (included when assembling so the game still runs from one file)
  • (was looking into how to do) choose controller per player (joy1/2, keyboard, AI)

It was almost done somewhere in the first quarter of 2004. But I got quite busy with school, work and other hobbies, and didn't knew if there was interest in it. So I never finished this new version. If there's still interest in an updated version of the original I might try get to finish it. (or am I mad trying to update on old game instead of doing a remake?)
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Welcome to EAB. Great work! I love Biplanes, and its nice to see it updated.

We have seen remakes of Biplanes before, and just just have not felt... "right". So it is nice to see that the original is being improved on. I didn't realise the source was even available...
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Anything is available if you are happy and patient enough to disassemble it I suppose!!
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Old 12 May 2005, 15:45   #4
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Nah, I don't anyone except the original author has seen the original sourcecode. Just an awfull lot of work disassembling the source . I think I've used IRA (or D68K ?) and AsmPro (v1.17 was released this month, whee!). I've documented parts of the code/data/structures, which also took alot of time.

I've continued with the fix, hopefully I have it finished next month. To do:
  • quitting from the new menu caused instability (fixed yesterday)
  • can't return to menu yet (should be done this week)
  • choosing controller (joy0/1/AI/keyboard) (partly done this week)
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[ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
[ Show youtube player ]

that guy is painfully bad at Biplanes.
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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
that guy is painfully bad at Biplanes.
Fo' sure
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