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ReSource bug - can you replicate?

I run KS 40.68 (well, my buggy 4000 grinds to a halt if I use MapRom for more than an hour or so) on my CS060 but I always get a bus error when I do this:
-Disassemble memory $f80000,$ffffff
-Search, binary, $6303, forwards
Both virgin 6.06 and my old 060 patched version.

Instant $80000004 and halt/reboot requester or full self-reboot.
Anyone who can confirm/deny? (Works just fine with WinUAE ofc...)

EDIT: I wonder if I'm running into 68060 hw bugs here. Having patiently done "Run History Task" in BDebug (which is probably single-stepping instructions) I get the same result as in WinUAE and no errors.
CPU060 reports my chip as Mask 0-1f43G,2f43G,0g65V Revision 1.
I use "CPU060 NOSTOREBYPASS" from a recommendation way back. Are there other options I should be turning off?
EDIT2: Bug went away with "CPU060 NoAllocateOperand". Machine feels a bit more sluggish now.
EDIT3: Except it did only half-way.If I search forwards and then backwards it seems like ReSource bugs big time by going into non-mapped address areas. And this time WinUAE agrees with me!

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If you're wanting to disassemble Kickstart, specify $F80000,$1000000 otherwise you miss the last byte.

I could get ReSource to hang doing that search (testing in WinUAE), so it looks like there's a bug in it. Maybe when disassembling memory, it doesn't stop searching on reaching the end of the region? The problem doesn't happen if you dump the memory region to a file, and load that file into ReSource.

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Rev6 cpu arrived. Much breath holding to get old out and new in.

Boot up. Start Resource. Fall over again. Not cool.
I _do_ see a difference in that it will do the search and jump to the correct spot before guruing now."NoAllocateOperand" still fixes the guru.
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Originally Posted by NorthWay View Post
Instant $80000004
Futzing with my Amiga again and I might have gotten something more aligned as I now see two byte writes to $FFFFFE and $FFFFFF that CyberGuard is catching. Exact same procedure to provoke it.
(Hunk 0000, Offset $000155D4 - I see that is in the code for binary search. There must be some logic breakdown bug here.)
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