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Chris Huelsbeck does 'let's plays'

Apparently he commentates on games he's composed music for, and invites other people who have been involved in their creation to contribute insider info as they play. Now that adds a new twist to an old format wouldn't you say.

You can only watch them on Twitch at the moment, but they're coming to a Tube near You soon.

Has anybody seen any of them?
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No videos found, so no Hope they'll be on Youtube soon as I'm aching to see these!
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I have watched this one for 45 minutes so far.

Basically They are bit boring in their style, but what they keep saying well compensates the lack of more interesting style.

They keep telling things from behind the scenes. Things like they mention that Boris (Doc Bobo) Schneider-Johne while he translated Monkey island to german, he also changed the code so that it required less disk swapping than the US version.

Or like the Grog machine at Stanleys shipyard was based upon a small episode that happened during Maniac Mansion.

They had originally wanted to make Coca-Cola machine to Maniac Mansion but when they asked Coca-Cola about it, they did get permission, but they also would have needed to pay for it.
Then they contacted Pepsi company, and they were so excited about having Pepsi machine presented in a game they actually sent them one Pepsi machine to their office so they can draw it using that Pepsi machine as a model and for that reason the Mad Professor has a Pepsi Machine in his room instead of a Coca-Cola machine.

Hence in Monkey Island they got an order of drawing a drink machine as close to the looks of Coca-Cola machine as possible, without getting any legal problems however. And thats how the Coca-Cola reminding Grog Machine is at Stanleys shipyard.

So yeah, they might not be most enjoyable and exciting hosts to watch there are, but the content of the stuff they tell well compensates the lack of their entertaining skills.

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