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The show must go on.
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Big grin Happy Amiga Birthday to me...

Today is my birthday, and I’am getting 35 @ 0:00 this night.
For my birthday I got myself a unique fixer-upper the amiga 4000D, sold as broken but I already fixed the audio problems and boy did those capacitors leak. Worst of all someone mistreated the circuit board quite a bit. Cleaned the board with a toothbrush and a lot of IPA, and a new set of cap’s and she is like new.

People always ask, what I am up to, and if a say well I collect old game consoles and amiga’s. I get “the look” You know like a cow looks at a oncoming train. They just don’t understand, why pay 125 euro’s for a broken machine.

Why indeed, gather around people its story time.

When I was a young boy, I got myself a commodore 64, used it for years, but most computer magazines were in 2 parts a C64 section and a Amiga part. As a kid I always looked at what the Amiga Could do and I thought wow.. I got a newspaper route saved up a lot of money, well for me it was a lot. And a year later I got myself a Amiga 500+ could not afford a A520 so I used it in black and white. This was in 1991/92 I think. There were a lot of problems with the new KS2.04 as we all know. Most games did not run and I did not know why at the time. Anyhow I loved my new Amiga.

My parents broke up long ago and I ended up with my very unstable mother and that same year she threw me out go live with you father. I picked up my clothes and my Amiga and left the house. And so I ended up in a train with a backpack and a Amiga 500 on my lap.

My father was also not a how would you call it, a very sane person either, and after 2 year more or less the same happened only this time a had no ware ells to go. I was just eighteen at that time I had no stuff only a bed and my computer. The strange thing is, it was the Amiga that kept me going. In my eyes the world has changed, well not the world I later discovered but I was not the same after that. Still I spend the time making samples, setting up a BBS, played settlers a lot. In that year I had a A500+ a KCS power pc board, second drive, A590 and a 14k4 modem.

In 1995 I moved back to my home town and got a small house there. But in 1995/1995 the PC took over. I sold my amiga and got a 486DX2. I started to work as a manager in a computer store and never looked back at the amiga scene. Years got by… got a girlfriend and she asked one day (2004), what is this amiga you are talking about all the time. And I Showed her on the web, well dear this is a Amiga.

I found a A1200 on the local second hand site drove a long way to the other site of the Netherlands to pick up this A1200. De guy was named Dicky so I thought this is a young chap. But a sweaty old man opened the door wearing only his underpants . Showed me to his basement (no it isn’t getting very more creepy) and there it was my future Amiga 1200.

I started collecting, first a 1200, a 2000, a 500 etc. After a few year people organized a kind of intervention telling me I was living in the past and I should do something about it. And you know what? I sold every bit of Amiga kit I owned.

Still I read the forums EAB and Amiga.org every day. I was not happy I missed thinking with old computers and especially my amiga. I thought well maybe If I get a cd32 nobody will really notice it. And nobody did.

Then mister Jens Schoenfield, stated talking about this new A600 accelerator and something broke and I thought #$%^&#^@! IT. I cleaned out my bedroom, why do you need to sleep in a big room you know? You do one of 3 thing in there and they do not require a lot of space. Well I don’t but maybe I am dull or boring in there.

And so I started to build my own retro game room.

I now have a 600 with 030@25MHz The new a604 with the subway usb, pcmcia wifi and 16 GB CF A 1200 with a Apollo 040@25MHz mach131 only need a 060 now and I can upgrade J rom, cpu socket and regulator already here, mmmz and someone with better hotair soldering skils
A4000 just repaired 030 16MB, going to retrobright it next week. A500+ and a cd32

There are more system I like, the vectrex for example, and the famicom with FDS and of course the Sharp twin famicom. I have some handhelds also Like the Atari Lynx 1&2 with is custom chips ( Suzy & Mikey) And a Sega nomad a beast of a hand console and very rare in the Netherlands.

Most systems have been striped complety, cleaned, have new caps, the sega gear also suffers a lot from bad caps.

The 4000 I ‘am working on now has a 80 gig hdd and a cdrom drive, I have big plans for her.

All the thing you see here were once broken, I life on a small budget so everything I buy is dead or dying. Only thing new is the LG LCD, even the Harman Kardon had some nasty faults lucky they have very good service manuals with a bit of humor. Still have one dead vectrex to sort out, only works for 2 minutes

I hope you liked the picture show. I don’t say much here because my realtime English is not that good but I read almost everything being written here.

I wish you all a happy Christmas, and a very good 2012!
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Still an Amiga user
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Nice set up!!

Happy Birthday!
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Hi voyager,

Happy Birthday!

WOW! That's an awesome games room you have there!

BTW, I've renamed the thread to make it sound less fitted to the Off-Topic forum.
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The show must go on.
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Thank you I was not sure were it belong :-)
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Wow! Great pictures, voyager!

I am a little envious of your repair skills.... wanna take a look at my A4000T? Too bad I am in the US, tho...

I love your setup... and really NEED to get a Vectrex someday!
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Happy Birthday, great post and nice room!!!

Always nice to here a fellow Amiga users experiences!
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Happy birthday!

That is an superb collection and games room.
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Happy Birthday! Such a heartwrenching story, at some point couldnt help visualizing you in this train with no place to go, holding Amiga as the only precious thing you had in your life. So sad and depressing just like Jimmy Sommerville's "Small town boy" video. Glad you made it, though! Keep Amiga alive.
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