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Old 04 January 2002, 01:03   #1
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Question Does anybody know where to download "Chamonix Challenge" aka "Final Assault"?

I am looking for the game "Chamonix Challenge", also known as "Final Assault" - not because of the game, but because of the IMO great music. I don't want to register at Dreamzone, so does anybody know where else I could get the game?

Thank you in advance!
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check this announcement please
Old 04 January 2002, 01:33   #3
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Been there - done that - no luck

That's why I am asking here
Old 04 January 2002, 02:02   #4
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It's there on AceRoms

Final Assault (19xx)(-)[h Hellion][b].adf
Old 04 January 2002, 02:18   #5
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Thank you for the information

Been there but couldn't find it. Should have looked for it a little more thoroughly.

Thanks again
Old 05 January 2002, 16:35   #6
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Hey, Sermon, I recognise you from the Home Of The Underdogs forum!

Glad to see you've noticed this board, then.
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Old 05 January 2002, 16:41   #7
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Hi MarzAttakz!

Good to see a familiar face here

Yep - it took me some time, but finally I found this forum. It's a pity though that "Final Assault" doesn't seem to work, neither on my WinUAE's nor on WinFellow, I always get a Software Failure error .... well .... finally found the game, but now it seems I have to still keep looking ...
Old 05 January 2002, 22:40   #8
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Sermon, try booting the game in NTSC...that *should* work.
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Old 06 January 2002, 01:02   #9
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Thanks for the hint Twistin' Ghost, but that didn't work either. With WinUAE I get a blue loading screen and a cursor in the form of a hand pointing (sideview), the floppy drive is stuck at 59 then nothing happens for some time, then I get the Guru Meditation with the software failure. Both in NTSC and PAL.

With WinFellow I get a screen at the bootup, where I can choose between only chip-mem or full-mem, but the result is the same - system crash (on the emulator, that is) with the blue screen, the cursor (which I can't move) and then the Guru Meditation.
Old 06 January 2002, 01:13   #10
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Well I don't mean to discourage you or anything but if you can't get that one work, you'll probably not find a version that does work. It seems to me that it's a problem with your settings not with the adf itself.
Old 06 January 2002, 01:38   #11
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Which basically means you have some settings-suggestions you want to share with me?
Old 06 January 2002, 01:59   #12
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I tested it now. Use kickstart 1.2 and 512k chip 512k slow ram then it'll work. Disable Autoconfig if you are using an old version of WinUAE
Old 06 January 2002, 02:02   #13
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Thank you so much for your help, it is really appreciated

Problem was, that I have Kikstart 1.3 and 2.0 and not 1.2, but I can get that sorted out!

Thanks again

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