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Amiga Games Soul

What's in your opinios games that capture the real meaning / essence of Amiga,?


- Turrican 1 - 2
- Shadow of the Beast 1 - 2
- Elf Mania
- Agony
- Super Frog
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Hm. Well most Psygnosis games for one. The Amiga hardware allowed for a moody escapist atmosphere and especially Psygnosis capitalised on that. Even flawed gems such as Obitus had a quality to them, the game oozes atmosphere that pulls you in (and then the insane mazes spit you out again...). And yes also Agony, until the difficulty and repetitive gameplay get to you.

So yeah, most games with good music, digitised sounds and a perfectly crafted color palette really scream "Amiga!" to me. As well as a high often unforgiving difficulty level and a complete lack of hand holding.

I'm going to pick two games above all (both not Psygnosis games): Elf. The game already grabs you from the title screen with the opening tune, and then you get exposed to a huge vibrant set of levels with many on-screen sprites, visual gags, bright colors, platforming, collectables, puzzles and a really good library of sounds - as well as one gnarly game over screen that you even have the option to disable Even the load times are quite okay compared to other games of the time.

That game is a true oddball that takes unexpected turns, and that is how I like my Amiga games.

The other: Horror Zombies from the Crypt. Gameplay-wise not my favorite game although it has (mostly) fun levels but the fact that your head friggin' explodes when you die shook me to my core the first time I saw it happening. Instant fearful love for this little game that is 100% atmosphere and 200% weird, there is an extra layer of suspense when the sight of your character dying irks you out.

Amiga games just dared to go to new places, and I loved it.
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Maj. Voodoo

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Just great experience and slick game. It is best amiga exclusive game that best captures what amiga is capable to do.
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OCS rocks!

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It's been said already, the Psygnosis games and Lionheart.

This 70ies/80ies- Roger Dean - hard rock aesthetics thing.

Plus some Jim Sachs mixed in, with Defender of the Crown, Ports of Call etc..
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Psygnosis is a great shout. I would also add Sensible Software and Team17.

The content from these publishers has that look, feel and soul of the Amiga for me. I'm just going off the top of my head but

Shadow of the Beast
Sensible Soccer

Graphically and sonically, even though these titles are on other platforms - they feel at home on the Amiga.
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Lionheart, Turrican 2
Sensible World of Soccer
It came from the Desert
Speedball II
The Chaos Engine
Dune II
Monkey Island 1+2
F-18 Interceptor
Alien Breed
Battle Isle
The Settlers
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It Came from the Desert, also one of those "Well, you don't see that on a console" titles.
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Burton Bird
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Sword of Sodan... Incredible for it's time...
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Turrican- and Beast-series definitely, plus:

Lotus- and Super Cars-series, Pinball Dreams&Fantasies, Battle Squadron, Wings, It Came from the Desert, Hunter, Monkey Island

And games with many tiny people made of few pixels like: Populous I&II, The Settlers, Lemmings, Mega lo Mania, Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer

Memorable music is a big factor (or sound effects like seagulls and shores in the case of Hunter).
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I loved Ruff 'N' Tumble

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The game that made me definitely sell my Atari ST to buy an Amiga: Wrath of the Demon. That intro and those gorgeous graphics were jaw-dropping at the time!!! And actually the game played well IMHO, I completed it and really enjoyed it!

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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Dune II
Monkey Island 1+2
Those games belong more in a thread named "PC games soul".
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(Work in progress as I find new options
Cinemaware games
Marble Madness
ReadySoft games (Dragon's Lair)
Danish games (Sodan/Bakager etc)
Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusion + Slam Tilt
Magnetic Scrolls' games
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