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bitplanes format

How can i see in a binary code what the height and width of the used raw graphic is used..??

code is like this:

ROM:00000526 move.w d0,($406B4).l
ROM:0000052C swap d0
ROM:0000052E move.w d0,($406B0).l
ROM:00000534 swap d0
ROM:00000536 addi.l #$4C,d0 ; 'L'
ROM:0000053C move.w d0,($406BC).l
ROM:00000542 swap d0
ROM:00000544 move.w d0,($406B8).l
ROM:0000054A swap d0
ROM:0000054C addi.l #$4C,d0 ; 'L'
ROM:00000552 move.w d0,($406C4).l
ROM:00000558 swap d0
ROM:0000055A move.w d0,($406C0).l
ROM:00000560 swap d0
ROM:00000562 addi.l #$4C,d0 ; 'L'
ROM:00000568 move.w d0,($406CC).l
ROM:0000056E swap d0
ROM:00000570 move.w d0,($406C8).l
ROM:00000576 move.l #$4BF8E,d0
ROM:0000057C move.w d0,($40874).l
ROM:00000582 swap d0
ROM:00000584 move.w d0,($40870).l
ROM:0000058A swap d0
ROM:0000058C addi.l #$28,d0 ; '('
ROM:00000592 move.w d0,($4087C).l
ROM:00000598 swap d0
ROM:0000059A move.w d0,($40878).l
ROM:000005A0 swap d0
ROM:000005A2 addi.l #$28,d0 ; '('
ROM:000005A8 move.w d0,($40884).l
ROM:000005AE swap d0
ROM:000005B0 move.w d0,($40880).l
ROM:000005B6 swap d0
ROM:000005B8 addi.l #$28,d0 ; '('
ROM:000005BE move.w d0,($4088C).l
ROM:000005C4 swap d0
ROM:000005C6 move.w d0,($40888).l
ROM:000005CC rts
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move.l #$c0ff33,throat

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The graphics data is in interleaved format so you know at least the width. The rest is impossible to guess from your snippet. Look for code which accesses the graphics (such as any blitting routines for examples), then you can easily figure out the format of the graphics.
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Looks like my code
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You were running out of address registers, right?
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