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Zool Secrets

This isn't really a game problem but this is the best forum for this. I've been playing the classic platformer Zool (I have the floppy and CD32 versions) and I keep seeing what I think are special 'secrets'. I used to know what they did but obviously I've forgotten since back in the days .
Anyway I'm talking about the four small HIT buttons in a row on the first world, which I think need to be hit in a certain order to get bonuses or something. Then theres the Pianos/Keyboards in the music world with different colours. I also remember there was an arcade machine later in the game but I'm not sure if it did anything (other than acting like an arcade Zool).
So does anybody reember how to use any of these special things, or remember what they are for?
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on first world, when you hit some walls they will collapse and you will able to reach inside, then get a 1ooooo bonus
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Old 01 December 2002, 00:18   #3
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Cheers, but I found that already . I want to know about the four small HIT buttons that change from red to yellow when punched. I reckon they do something when lit up in a certain pattern/sequence, and I'm hoping somebody has an old guide or something to tell you the sequence. I also remember you could play certain colours(keys) on the piano bit to unlock some special cheats or something.
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*brain status: working hard*
there was a code which I can't remember, its something about fishes, when you type it you will be able to skip levels, worlds...
*brain status: out of order*
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I think its Goldfish. You then press F1 or something to get unlimited lives and stuff. I can find that on the net. Do you know about the piano and/or the HIT buttons?
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Found the GamesMaster bit yet?
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The last time I played Zool was like... ooohhh, about 5-6 years ago. Or maybe even more, I think after I got the sequel I never played the 1st one anymore.

If I remember correctly, the hit buttons in the 1st world just work as "save points". When you die, you get back to the last hit button you pressed.

I always wondered about the piano in the 2nd world, but never found any secret with it.
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At one point there are four small HIT buttons in a row which can be hit more than once. They are not like the normal save ones. I think its world one level 4.
Old 20 December 2002, 23:30   #9
Wraith Jones
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Well there are the two bonus levels.

In 2.1 (I think) go right until you reachsome kind of trumpet, just sit on it and it will look as iff it's going to propel you into the underside of a platform but it will take you to a secret.

In 4.1 (tool world) climb the block at the start and then jump off the left hand edge, but leap as you pass the last bent nail on the left, you will be taken to another secret.
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Yeah, it's the bonus levels. I remember the keyboard one. Theres someplace you can go where you can see the notes played for you; its on the platform that looks like a blank sheet music, i think at the top of the level, you get some special thing or other (sorry, it's been a damn long time since I played it!) and these notes will float upto the sheet music. If you play the notes in the right order, you'll goto a bonus level...i think. That or a bunch of goodies pops down.

I think I remember there being a trap on the keyboard as well.

I also remember the buttons. I think if you hit them all in the right order, all the switches explode into goodies.

That's all I really remember...I'd have to play it again to find them out, and Zool2 was so much better anyways
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Old 21 December 2002, 10:30   #11
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Here are the cheats that I remember:

The 4 hit buttons in World 1 - you must hit the 1st and the 3rd so that they explode into a load of sweets (bonuses).

World 1.3
To enter the GamesMaster secret room, wait until the timer gets down to 70. Then shoot one of the big walls on the right hand side of the screen, near the beginning of the level.

World 2
On one of the pianos, play the notes in this order: Dark Red, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green.

On one of the pianos, play the first few notes to the Close Encounters theme (this may be the same as the one above, I cant remember).

To find out which notes you should play on the pianos, you should apparently stand on top of the big white song sheet things. If you stand still for a big, notes float up.
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I thought some people must remember what the buttons and piano did. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll try the secrets and bonus levels out next time I spin up Zool on my CD32.
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There's more to it: I could NEVER finish section 2.2, I suspected something about the pianos, but never could find the sequence.

This isn't just a secret thing, without that you cannot finish the level. When you perform some sequence, a big white note appears and you grab it and it brings you to the end of the level. But how could we possibly figure it out? maybe like this:

To find out which notes you should play on the pianos, you should apparently stand on top of the big white song sheet things. If you stand still for a big, notes float up.
You seem to get notes when taking the little piano bonuses and wait for the notes to float up.

damn this game is hard. I've found an extra life, but not the end of the level, even with the video...

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Hi Jotd, I havent forgotten about our interview!

I started up a channel to explain games like this for the Lemon Amiga website, called Lemon Tube Amiga. If you seach for Zool, I show the Hit buttons and also the piano notes. Yes without this knowledge the game is not completable. I wish I knew this stuff back in the day.
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Old 30 January 2019, 23:15   #15
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Yeah it's stupid for an "action" game (and it seems to be the only place where such things are needed) ! and I had bought this game. Couldn't get past level 2-2... now I have explored other levels with level skipper and damn this game is hard...

Another "player is blocked" trick is at the "fun fair" level, you have to let a hammer attack you so it can strike on the amusement game and you can jump on the platform. But it's easy to figure out.

I hate the level exploration parts (like all world 2 or 4) because of respawning enemies and limited time. The "run as fast as you can to the right" levels are cool (level 1, 3, CD32 7...). Too bad there are only half of them.
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