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Amiga/Dos differences

Hi all, LTL/FTP.
Just been playing around with different versions of Sierra's The Colonel's Bequest in various emulators and never realised until now that the hanging chandelier in the main hall is animated with additional sound effects in the DOS version, but not on the Amiga. I'm aiming to play/re-play the best versions of games from this era, as opposed to Simpy playing the Amiga version of everything, but I always had the Amiga down as the superior platform for Sierra SCI games. The music and SFX still sound much better on the Amiga, even compared to MT-32 emulation via munt IMO, now I'm reconsidering which is the superior version; Amiga with better sound effects or DOS with extra animations etc.
Can anyone think of other Sierra SCI games which had details reduced for the Amiga port?
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Well, most Sierra games were ported from PC to Amiga, they didn't even have 32 colours (other than later "enhanced" re-releases), but rather kept the 16 colours from the PC version. The amiga versions were expected to be playable from floppies as well, whereas the PC ones were only (?) playable from the HD. I suppose, some stuff could be omitted from miggy to allow for faster loading/less disks production. Now, of course amiga had the better sound. Imo, if the gfx differences are small, like an animated chandelier, I'd consider the Amiga version superior for the enhanced audio experience.
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Yeah Sierra certainly made some lazy ports.
I think the wobbly chandelier works as a clue in this game (sorry for the minor spoiler), but overall I agree it doesn't constitute a superior gaming experience, but who knows what other small additions are missing?
Speaking of better versions; Prince of Persia on the Amiga uses a reverb effect on all the sound effects which adds much more atmosphere than the DOS version, given as the game is set in dungeons etc

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I remember some Sierra games had a level of detail setting, perhaps it's present on the Amiga version of Colonel's Bequest but set to lowest by default?
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Good point, I'll look for a detail setting when I'm next home
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Just played around some more and realised the chandelier in the Amiga version does in fact wobble occasionally, but it's at random intervals, you may not see it the first time you pass it. The DOS version chandelier wobbles continuously which is much more unsubtle. The miggy version has buckets of more atmosphere
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Sierra was a weird and quirky company. Al Lowe even once explained that their games were a bit torturous in the beginning, because they didn't know better back then, there weren't established norms for adventure games, etc. I always thought, "There wasn't common sense back then?", but I digress.

Sierra didn't originally want to make any 'home computer' conversions for some reason that I forgot - but they were persuaded into finally making Amiga and ST ports of their games, probably for business reasons.

This means, they didn't really embrace the Amiga in their ports, they didn't really fit the games to take maximum advantage of the wonderful system, they had no love for Amiga. This led to some really peculiar decisions.

Look at these King's Quest screenshots - they are from the same, exact area, but you can see that they look almost as if a different artist did the two versions - of course these are from the PC DOS-version and the Amiga version. Can you guess, which is which?


In my opinion, neither looks necessarily immediately better or worse than the other, just 'different'. Some parts may look better, while others look worse. To me, this is very strange - why would they change the graphics this much seemingly without any good reason?

I mean, if the reason is to save memory by taking away color, it looks like the Amiga version actually had -added- stuff, like the bushes in one picture. Why didn't they just use the same, exact graphics?

I also noticed that in Space Quest III, the Amiga version has a couple of lines less graphics - this is because Amiga's text bar is a bit bigger, probably because of how AmigaOS, Intuition, etc. dictates it to be, whereas in DOS, Sierra was free to decide its own, arbitrary size for the text bar.

There are lots of subtle differences in things one wouldn't think there should be. It's a weird world.

Space Quest III has speech in the Amiga version, but not in the DOS Sound Blaster-version.. unless the MT-32-version or other versions have it, I don't know.

Sierra is an interesting company, because it supported such an enormous variety of things, both visually and aurally. So you can compare Amiga music to AdLib, MT-32, ST and even Apple music sometimes. And same goes for graphics - Tandy, Composite, RGB, Apple, CGA, EGA, VGA, Amiga.. I can only wish they had made a couple of those adventure games for the C64, too.
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