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some problems in different slaves

Hello all, since i got an aca500 plus i have been trying several whdload games, and sometimes, get weird effects. For example in Robinson's requiem, the game starts well and correct, and it can play too but if i press a key,any, the game would freeze. At the moment it gets to a point its gets unplayable, as if you try to save game it would freeze at typing the first character.

There is another one, Burning Rubber, that simply would return with a stack or reallocation error(i will try to get the exact text and post here), making it unplayable.

On Monkey Island, it gets stuck when trying to save(cannot go off the menu) or when pausing with space(cannot reanudate play).

On Maniac Mansion it says that it needs a 020 cpu????.

All the games have been downloaded from whdownload. Could anyone tell me if they need special launching or something in order to avoid these errors?.
Thanks in advance!!
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First, check if you use the latest WHDLoad version and slave version. Then have a look into WHDLoad mantis bugtracker.

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I could not say better sometimes whddownload doesn't have updated slaves. Check mantis, I updated some bugs/slaves very recently http://mantis.whdload.de

Maniac Mansion doesn't need a 68020 cpu since 1.4: http://www.whdload.de/games/ManiacMansion.html

version 1.4 (25.05.04) done by JOTD:
- removed 68020+ dependent code: game is now 68000 compatible (issue #003017)
- reassembled with latest kickemu: quitkey now works on 68000 CPUs
whdload page then mantis is your friend. Then, only, moan on EAB
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I think i'm using the latest whdload, version 17 i think, but will check the correct number. For updating slaves, do you mean getting another set of files?. Igot them from whdownload and tought they were updated, as i always take the latest date for reference in case there is several ones.
Thanks and happy new year!
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If it's WHDLoad 17.0: It had some bugs and timing issues. Try the latest 18.3.
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The patches on whdownload.com are outdated, please always use the latest versions of the patches, check the WHDLoad site. Latest official WHDLoad is V18.3 btw.
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Exactly, and for preinstalled game use EAB ftp to make sure you always have latest version available, not WHDownLoad (not updated since 2011).
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