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He's a challenge... (mod req)

I'm looking for a module that appeared on an Amiga Computing coverdisk (Probably). It was a highland style mod (the tag line was 'Swing your sporran and ... ?something?').

It had it's own icon and everything (The icon was of a castle I think) when you played it, could've been something about a lost valley, lost legend, lost something.

The piece started off with pipes, and then got funky later on.

If someone remembers this, the name, or has it - let me know!
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My *Lost* (in name or comment) old-school best mod pack is posted into the zone

Mods content listing:

- Lost in Belief
- Lost scrotum
- Lost in the 145
- Lost in Time
- The Lost Children
- Lost mi fuckin Frog
- Loststar

Hope it help
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Old 02 January 2002, 20:05   #3
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Thanks for the mods (a couple a yea nifty), but it's not there :/

Thanks for the try tho.

Any more, lemme know
Old 02 January 2002, 20:10   #4
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It's on the Amiga Computing coverdisk for Dec 1990 as 'Tune Of The Month.'

Ach, I love those coverdisk archives. Label screenshots help
Old 02 January 2002, 20:14   #5
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In case anyone's curious, the mod's called Pipes Of Lost Time, by Nicholas Heaps, and it's nifty

Dunno if it's available without loader (it comes precompiled with a player component) but it's nifty to hear it again
Old 03 January 2002, 00:04   #6

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Heyyy, post the disk to the zone please, I wanna heard
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Old 03 January 2002, 00:39   #7
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It's up now.

Not fantastic by modern mod standards, but it's great for it's time, and I like the tune

See what you think
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Crikey. Now this IS an old thread (and I'm sure there was another thread on this tune but can't find it)!! I absolutely loved this classic tune and it still stands the test of time now.

However, did anyone manage to find a decrypted MOD version (of which I have no idea which - OctaMED, Soundtracker, etc, etc.)? I've searched the 'net and come up with nothing. Why the interest in a MOD version? I use DeliPlayer a fair bit listening to old Amiga MOD tunes on my PC.
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Old 15 February 2013, 23:28   #9
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It's a Sound FX 1.3 encapsulated with its replay. Nothing fancy here.
Added the music to AMP : http://amp.dascene.net/downmod.php?index=127373

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Old 16 February 2013, 00:23   #10
Awesome to the max

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Thanks for this one, it's not on ftp.modland.com either. I tried to upload it but I don't have permission to access the upload folder (!?).
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