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Serious Problems

I've been running winuae for a year or so without difficulty. Then I installed the latest version.
Now winuae crashes after a few minutes- especially when resetting (ctrl-amiga-amiga) but also any other random time as well. When it crashes, it often really big time crashes, powering down my real computer and rebooting back into windows XP.
Here is my setup-
Windows XP home edition
All drivers supposedly up to date (checked to the best of my ability)
Athlon processor @ 1.6
512 MB memory- last week I went out and bought new memory (tossed out my old sdram and got ddram- my motherboard supports either) - it crashed the same on old memory and now the new memory.
I've run the latest ad aware and spy bot and their files are up to date.
I tried erasing the directories with the latest winuae and re-installing version 822r9, and now it crashes just like the new version.
I re-did my favorite configurations from scratch to make sure that wasn't the problem.
No luck
The only thing I can think of that I haven't tried is starting with blank directories or hardfiles and re-installing workbench and all my amiga software from scratch. Would that help?
Amiga in a Box crashes much faster than my own 1.3 desktop, I'd note.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Toni Wilen
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ASPI is disabled? Broken ASPI drivers can cause bluescreens etc..

But it looks like hardware (overheating) or driver fault. Old versions can't magically start failing without some reason

Try running memtest86 (http://www.memtest86.com)
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Now winuae crashes after a few minutes [...] last week I went out and bought new memory
I would check this first. I bought broken 512MB 10 months ago :P. anyways, it is definitely a hardware problem. nb, try to run some memory tester [at least - disable quick POST in BIOS] and check if it's ok.. this could be the reason [especially if You get random crashes]..

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Old 11 March 2004, 07:45   #4
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Thanks guys, problem fixed

After running some diagnostic freeware thanks to your hints that it was a hardware problem, I found that my CPU is overheating. I fixed easily temporarily by leaving my case open- will get some fans tomorrow for a better solution. That fixed the crashing. The CPU is operating at 100% during emulation- is that normal? Doesn't cause problems, but was the reason I was only crashing on winuae and no other programs. at 100% it starts heating up.
Thanks a lot!
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I found jit makes winuae stay at 100%.

Try moving CPU idle to the right 3 or 4 lines.
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