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Some ideas...

Here are some ideas that I think would be a nice addition...

1) Clear memory during reset to kill all viruses and also helps if a game totally crashes, stays resident (Pinball Wizard for example I believe stays resident until you turn the computer off) also maybe an integrated virus killer

2) Had some issues with the ROM and got a message I need a certain ROM file although I did indeed select a ROM file but my configuration was not working right...

3) Dual monitor support (or window) for real-time debugger and ROM Whack emulation...

4) As some suggested already, Action Replay slowdown support with the mouse wheel (maybe the wheel button to switch slowdown on/off)

5) Virtual Drive that can be enabled on demand to export Amiga files to the PC

6) Kickstart Disk Support (not sure if that is already possible since I didn't convert any of my Kickstart disks but there were some pretty cool mods out there)

7) MOD Ripper and maybe MOD to MP3 converter ?
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Toni Wilen
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1: keep ALT pressed when reseting with ctrl-amiga-amiga combination.

2: and the message was?

3: debugger is already in separate window. I guess UAE could create virtual serial port. Currently you can use romwack and similar remote debuggers by connecting com1 to com2 with null modem cable and configure UAE to use for example com1 and use com2 in terminal program

(This is how I tested serial link games...)

4: there will be 100% compatible way to change emulation speed from 1 to 100+fps in 1fps steps in next release.

5: adding full removable drive support will be very complex task.

6: has been there ages ago (note that you need A1000 boot ROM file in place of KS ROM if you want to emulate real A1000)

7: prowizard mod-ripper is included. mod to mp3: use some external program, this imho isn't emulator's job..
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Cool that so many things are already integrated that I didn't know of...Maybe a working Help button in the next release of WinUAE would be cool...
The message got with regards to the Kickstart file was that I don't have the right file even though it wasn't the file I selected in my configuration...As a matter of fact that part kept getting ignored...I ended up renaming the file so I don't have to deal with that anymore...

Either way, it's a great program and it got better overall each time I installed a new release...
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Originally Posted by HCF
Maybe a working Help button in the next release of WinUAE would be cool...
The help button works fine in winuae. All you need is the WinUAE.chm Help File from http://www.pcguru.plus.com/uae_faq.html and save in winuae dir
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Maybe I should re-phrase that...A working help button that comes right with the program
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