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Jack Tramiel

Been digging around for information why Jack left Commodore in 1984 and the only reason I can find is that he didn’t stay because he wanted to bring his three sons into the business and Irving Gould didn’t want that.

Was this the reason.

Been doing lots of reading on Commodore this week since seeing a Youtube video on the anniversary of the Commodore bankuptcy. Can't help thinking how different it would have been if Jack had stayed at Commodore.

Edit to add.

Seem to have some more info here.


After moving the company to a massive new Head Office / R&D facility / Manufacturing Plant in West Chester Pennsylvania, Irving Gould's perceptions of Jack as a "loose cannon" would sew the seeds for Jacks demise. He thought Jack would be unable to take the company from $1 Billion in sales to $10 Billion in sales. The Jet setting Gould thought Commodore needed, budgets and bureaucracy to ensure accountability.

Irving also wanted to leave a substantial debt in place while Jack did not. Jack said "...we never had a raise of stock since we went to stock market in 1962. With the 120 million dollars we would have earned by giving away 2 million new shares we could have paid back all debts we had at the banks and by that strengthen the companies position. The man I worked for (Irving) was of the opinion that this would weaken his share of the company and cut his influence – which was totally wrong."

At this point Jack's sons were coming to work for Commodore in mid-level but appropriate roles and there were rumors that Irving was very unhappy with this because strengthened Jacks political position in the company and diminish his own. Remember Jacks focus on his family. In a 1986 interview Jack states "My dream was that my sons continue within the same branch like me and that they try to be the best like I tried, but without forcing them to stay in the same business. Despite of that I tried to show them what I do, to integrate them and to discuss the successes and failures."

Jack and Irving had it out during the Consumer Electronics Show while he was announcing his new Commodore Plus/4,a low cost TI-99 Killer. "We came to that point when I said, that I will have to quit if I cannot do what I think would be best for the company. He said very kindly that if I will not do what he wants to do, then I could leave. And so I left." At the public announcement on January 15, 1984, the computer industry, Commodore shareholders and financial analysts were shocked. Irving had removed the founder and visionary leader of a the worlds largest and most powerful home computer company.

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I think Petro wrote something in his book about it, but can't remember exactly. I'll check tomorrow if I can remember.
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