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Old 11 February 2013, 06:01   #1
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New (??) Amiga game.. Dust Digger

I was working with my old Dell Axim and putting some games on it, and I found a game called Dust Digger.
Looks like Bounder Dash / Sokoban...

But on the homepage, I saw an Amiga version....
(Not being able to read German, I didn't get many specifics)

Then I went to Aminet, and it's there, but it's just recently there.

(12-18-2012, so just a few months)

Nice to see a new(ish??) Amiga game...

Tried it a bit on AmigaForever, looks pretty good. Haven't tried it on the real Amiga yet...

Just a heads up..

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Old 11 February 2013, 06:26   #2
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Heh, cool.
I must admit when I saw you mention Boulderdash my interest waned, but through boredom decided to check it out. Glad I did too 'cos it's not bad at all.
Even so Ive yet to find a version of Boulderdash that Ive enjoyed more than the 1st version I played (tandy trs-80 coco1 version). Probably some rose tinted glasses attached to it, but knowing that doesnt diminish the memories at all

p.s. Do speccy fans rose tinted glasses have color clash?
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Old 11 February 2013, 09:33   #3
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Nice find there desiv

Another game for 2012 on HOL: http://hol.abime.net/6003
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Old 11 February 2013, 10:21   #4
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Just thought Id point out a typo in the HOL entry in regards to HD notes (Dugger).
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Old 11 February 2013, 10:33   #5
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Ah, thanks for pointing that out Fixed.
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Old 11 February 2013, 11:31   #6
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It's a fun little game and really polished looking.

I ended up swapping a few emails with the author towards the end of last year as I'd spotted a few bugs and was helping him playtest it.

The game originally ran too fast on my 030 @ 50mhz, so a new version was released to rectify that. Then I spotted that it was possible to get yourself trapped with no way of killing yourself, and so a suicide button was also coded in.

I originally reviewed the non expanded CPU version, which ran too fast, back in November:

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Old 11 February 2013, 11:46   #7
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Just installed it to my mobile phone.
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Old 12 February 2013, 00:11   #8
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Gameplay: [ Show youtube player ] Amiga 500 is enough. You can not press fire+direction to eat dirt near you. I don't like Windows XP bar at the top. Game may look like AGA game on screenshots but reduced palette is visible when you try to play.
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Old 09 June 2014, 00:46   #9
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I uploaded the last version 1.1.2 to the Aminet. The bad thing on running the game play on a system screen is, that you simple cannot make use of so many cool copper features. So the scrolling looks not so smooth, because of really moving the pixels in six planes - even if teaming CPU and Blitter. But it was really fun to code today, having so much resources on the web – back in the days I had two Amiga programming books and a 2400 modem :-). And I learned, that very early Amiga 1000 NTSC had not Extra Halfbright Mode – which the games uses.

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