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nice but stupid
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SWOS 96/97 Update

Hi all, after purchasing an Amiga 1200 (after many years on the PeeCee) and getting it up to where I can actually play stuff on it (registering WHDLoad, getting ACA1220 card and an Amiga to scart cable so I can see and hear with clarity) I have one MAJOR problem.
The copy of SWOS on the CF HD does not save a career
BUT I DO have SWOS 95/96 and a 96/97 update disk.
I want to start a 96/97 career and I dont want to 'ruin' my 95/96 disks.

My question is - how can I copy the 95/96 disks to a couple of blanks so I can update the blanks to 96/97?
I have X-copy pro and tried that but the disks just read as blanks - ie - the copy protection works

So how can I do it? please

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You could try using ADF's (cracked versions). You'll need to be able to copy the adf's to your cf card, I would suggest attaching the card to the PC and using WinUAE for this, then pop the card back into the A1200 and use TSGUI to write the adf's back to disk.
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nice but stupid
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Thanks for the reply, I'll just copy them over with the CF card.
Just being back to the Amiga scene - I'm beginning to find out I got a hell of a lot to learn and relearn, not that I did anything meaningful last time I had a 1200, just a gamer issall .
But even to play games these days is a lot to learn, I had never heard of WHDLoad, barely heard of ADF's and TSGUI - WHAT????
Google was certainly my friend when it came to finding these things, maybe I should have thought of that before posting, but hey, a learning experience
TSGUI looks the business - thank you for that . Theres even a SWOS '94 now?? wow
Got the imagesand I'll try out TSGUI tomorrow.
Thank you for all your help kind sir
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nice but stupid
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Thanks again Arnie, TSGUI - cracking little prog.
BUT - all adf's I've been able to find for 96/97 are (only 1) cracked, and the update disk(s) don't want to work with the cracked versions (understandable) and the other 4 or 5 versions I found were the update disks, which also don't want to work with the cracked versions, so, I came to the conclusion that I will have to ruin a perfectlygood set of original SWOS disks by applying the update to them
So, Ebay has had the call and there is another set winging it's way here as I type.
Hate to do it, but I want a SWOS 96/97 career
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