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AsimCDFS telling me I have negative disk space on SYS:

So, in my quest to getting SCSI, I accidentally got an ACARD 7730SA, so thought screw it and figured I'd also go with a SCSI CD-ROM over the SATA bridge, so I could then get rid of the fatty IDE cable and pull out the FastATA 4000 board.
Problem is, now my CD-ROM doesn't work because AllegroCDFS doesn't work, but the guy I bought the CSPPC from with the delicious SCSI on it sent me a copy of AsimCDFS 3.10 (which I should create an ADF for), but whenever I try to install it, it bails out and tells me I don't have enough disk space on SYS: Which is a terrible lie, since I'm only taking 46mb out of just under 4GB of space in that partition.
Is there a fix in an installer for this? I also noticed that even if I copy all the files over to the hard drive to try to install it, it still reads off the floppy (hence why I should make an ADF of it).

Any advice is very much welcome!

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The problem is that you are probably using an AmigaOS version that does not properly support large drives, and have hacked your way thru it.

Large drive support not only involves hacking a few rom modules, it requires more in depth AmigaOS changes to properly work.
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Toni Wilen
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This has nothing to do with AmigaOS version or large drive support. It can't fix usual application disk size calculation bugs.

Installer program simply calculates drive size using usual method of using signed 32-bit variables that overflows if partition size is larger than 2G (0 to 2G-1: works fine, 2G to 4G-1 = usually 0 to -2G free, 4G to 6G-1: 0 to 2G free again and so on..)

If it uses Installer to install it, update it (from aminet).

If it uses custom install program, fill your drive until it has less than 2G free or install it manually. It isn't too difficult.
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AsimCDFS can be installed manually, I used it on my A4000 and still use it on WinUAE.
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I actually figured it out, then read all the responses. Yeah the trick is to basically open up the 'install-asimcdfs' script with c:installer. Problem was after I did that (with already BB1+2 and mediator, usb, etc) it caused the system to lock up on boot up. So I'm trying with raw OS3.9, and it's working so far. Now to apply the boing bags and see if that breaks it.
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Weird, switched AsimCDFS to Joliet and BB1 installed, but now BB2 is giving me a similar error (XAD wrong password) same CD hasn't given me trouble in the past on my IDE drive.

Edit: skipped installing XAD update via expert mode, and it installed, and it looks like BB3/4 have it. So all good!

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