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My names Andy and I live in Durham. Originally from London I spent most of my adult life in Plymouth in the Royal Navy.
I'm an electronics engineer by trade, leaving the Navy in 2011 and then going to work for a company that builds inverter based welding equipment, specifically working in the test and R&D departments.

I've viewed the forum numerous times over the last several months normally being directed here after googling a search for an Amiga specific question.

My history with the amiga began in April 1990, when I got bought an A500 to replace my very aged Sinclair Spectrum +, which I still own to this day. I owned the 500 for about a year then sold it to a colleague in the Navy to raise funds to buy an A2000, which I still own.
Over the next few years my collection was augmented with an A500+, A1200 and CD32, which unfortunately disappeared, where exactly I don't know, and remains a mystery to this day.
My A2000 has a Commodore A2088 brodgboard, GVP 030 accelerator and a GVP Impact SCSI card with 8MB of memory. My 2000 also has the ICD Adspeed 68010 processor fitted and dual 1.3/2.0 Kickstart ROM's. 2x 3.5 and one 5.25 inch floppy drive.
I was also lucky enough to have a Microway flicker fixer. If memory serves I also had the Agnus chip mod to give me 2MB of chip ram. Quite a loaded system for the day. Mainly used for flight simming (Birds of Prey) and adventure gaming (Eye of the Beholder) and Elite.
Unfortunately due to the issues with Commodore and the sudden perceived lack of new software I jumped ship in 1996 and bought my first IBM PC (DX4/100).
Recently (wiith the last that 2 years) I've got into buying fixing and restoring vintage computers. I have about 24 machines in my collection now (including an Altair 8800 replica I'm hand building) and have recently added an original A500.
Earlier on this year I was back in Plymouth visiting my mum and dad and decided to get the A2000 down and remove the dreaded Varta battery. Unfortunately over the last 23 years the poor old A2000 has languished and been left up the left unloved and forgotten. The battery had unsurprisingly leaked. Fortunately the damage appears minimal and the battery was cut away and the area neutralise with vinegar, then washed with soapy water.
The plan is to get the old girl home, along with the NEC Mulisync monitor and restore her.
A side project at the moment is the construction of two Terriblefire TF530 accelerators. And the eventual addition of a compact flash card system to the A2000 (when I get her home), as I'm sure we all know how unreliable old SCSI drives can be.

Anyway that's all from me. Looking forward to taking part on the forum.

Kind regards
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Welcome to EAB Andy

Nice story and collection you have there
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Welcome to the forum Andy
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Hello & Welcome To The Community Andy - Hope You Enjoy Your Stay With Us.
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Nice story there.
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Cheers guys

Looking forward to spending lots of time here

Kind regards
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Also Avro Vulcans are awesome!
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Some nice bits there

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