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how the heck do I get my shortcuts to stay on workbench? (resolved)

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to setup a demo I'm giving tonight and the @party here in Boston. I've done this before but apparently I forgot because all of my attempts of how i thought it was done are not working.

I have shortcuts or sometimes the actual "exe" of a program moved to the workbench space. However when i snapshot icons or desktop and reboot, all of the files go back to where they were before.

How do I get it so I can

I have a lot of programs I want to go through and would love to have them all right there on the workbench screen rather than having to go popping up a bunch of windows.

show is in 7.5 hours!


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leave out, then snapshot icon on source window and then on workbench window?
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The workbench in Workbench is not a physical location on any disk like on e.g. Windows, it is a virtual construct. When you move an icon there, you aren't creating a shortcut, you are moving the actual representation of the original file, albeit temporarily (nothing is actually changed on the disk). You can have the icon stay there permanently as Devlin says, using the "Leave out" option, but remember to use the "Put away" option once you want it off the workbench - if you go and delete it, you have deleted the actual file.
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yes! the put away / leave out.. that's what i was completely forgetting about! ok now things are looking good

much appreciated!

and yes i remember that (important!) distinction. It is strange coming back to the amiga OS after years of modern os paradigms.

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Also remember, it only works with programs that have an associated .info (icon file) present, as the Workbench desktop has no concept of "show all files".
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that's great to know! I tend to give things icons, but i'm glad you confirmed that.
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