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Amiga MOD Player for the iPhone

Has anyone had a chance to the use Module Player for the iPhone? Is it worth the £1.50 on the app store?


My wife has finally given me permission to get an iPhone next month yay, and I was looking for a way to play Amiga MODs on the iPhone, would be great to have a portable version.
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It is a free app.

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Nice one, didn`t see that.
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Needs a life

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there's also interocitor, written by one of the regulars on amiga.org
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Bit expensive for no additional functionality. The other is based on libmod which I cannot remember if that is any good or not.

Someone port UADE and the iPhone owning Amiga community would snap it up. (erm all 3 of them)
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Thanks guys, that looks pretty cool as you can add your own .mods, will have to download it too and give it a try.
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I have it since its release. Module Player is awesome and works in multitasking.
It's also often updated. I like it a lot. (even my mods are listed lol)
If the price was 10€ I would have paid for it !

iMod is free but no database ans user interface soso...(I don't think it support iOS4) but play the .mod as well)

Talking about music, here is a link of my remixes :
[ Show youtube player ]
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Old 14 July 2010, 02:14   #8
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I have it installed on my iPhone as well and I must say it's worth its money. An impressive range of modformats is supported (next to MOD also XM and IT) and it accesses a large database of modules. Always fun to discover new gems!
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Old 15 July 2010, 11:29   #9
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Thanks for the replies guys, I think I am gonna go for Module Player first, as they looks pretty awesome, can`t wait to get my iPhone 4 next month and blast out some classic MOD`age ... or something.
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I just bought Module Player for Iphone, it is awesome! Access to Modland database is built-in with on-demand download of mods!

My only gripe is that mods are sorted by author name, not game name. However, you can search for a game name. Then if you find the mod you were looking for, you can double click it to list all the mods by same author, which is a great way to discover new mods.

I love listening to "thesettlers", the 12 min in game music is amazing and seemingly never ends. Or Leander World 1

Also great: "Sid Player" by the same author, with on-demand download of c64 tunes from the HVSC collection!
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Old 13 August 2010, 13:08   #11
Pixel Blender!

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I've spoken with the developers of Module Player about incorporating the exotic music formats other than, Mod,XM, IT etc.. like Mdat, TF, Tfx, all the stuff over at exotica's site, or maybe develop a 16-bit console music player for SNES & megadrive, Game Gear , NES etc...but I'm still awaiting a reply after 6 days, doesn't look like I'm gonna get a reply does it?
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Old 23 August 2010, 16:59   #12
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I checked out Module Player, and although its linked into that loverly mod land database, unfortunately the module player isn't very accurate. I played a load of my tunes on there and some of the ones which use trickery didnt sound so hot.

Otherwise, its a great app.
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Old 23 August 2010, 17:01   #13
Thalion Webshrine
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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
doesn't look like I'm gonna get a reply does it?
Point them to the MACOSx port of UADE and maybe they'll be more receptive?
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I use modplug tracker to convert .mod to .mp3 and then just transfer to my iPhone in the normal way
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Yeah, I do the same for my phone but use Deliplayer or UADE for batch.
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