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crusader of light

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Clearing out some box files of old paperwork...

Found the original receipt for my A500+

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Puttymoon inhabitant
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And after 27 years the prices are returning back where they were...
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No sir..



Inflation averaged 2.8% a year.
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Stuck in the 80s

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and worth every penny
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retro maniac

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My Amiga 1200 right now is more expensive in Poland than it was in 1993
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More proof that things were better then, the ink hasn't completely faded away. If you get a receipt nowadays and need it for warranty purposes, you had better make a copy of it ASAP.
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Bloody hell, why didn't I factor that in to my arguments with amiga2000!

Wow... 755 quid. Almost a months wages on todays minimum wage.

You'd build one hell of a PC for that amount these days.

Still though - worth every penny, and how spoilt we were those of us who received them for Christmas!

Mind you the mortgage/rent back then was probably 10% what it is now!

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Mick: was it the cartoon classics pack?
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