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Old 24 September 2005, 16:32   #1
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Assign command problem...

If i put these three lines in S/Startup-Sequence on DH0:

Assign LEGEND.0: DH0:LEGEND.0/
Assign LEGEND.1: DH0:LEGEND.1/
Assign LEGEND.2: DH0:LEGEND.2/

it gives error : Cant find DH0:LEGEND.0/
Assign failed returncode 20

But, if i type Assign LEGEND.0: DH0:LEGEND.0/ in prompt it works!
Why? what i am missing here?

Legend.0 dir is present on DH0: device
Amiga 500 1mb V1.3 normal WinUAE configuration running on WinUAE v1.0
Hard disk working great under all programs...
Thx for any info/solution
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Try removing the .0 part of the path.. though that shouldn't make much difference
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Old 24 September 2005, 18:12   #3
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I testet it with an wb13 installation on hd. I created the folders with the same name on the harddrive, added the assign commands to the startup-sequence of the hd and it works. no error message. Maybe you can install another version of wb13 (if you have ) and try again.

PS: It doesn´t matter really but maybe you could post your whole startup-sequence of the harddrive here?
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Old 24 September 2005, 23:10   #4
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I tried naming different folders, no luck...
It seems like WinUAE V1.0 doesnt actually see harddisk( but boots sucessfully) while executing DH0:S/Startup-Sequence. And once execution halts on error everything works fine if you type line by line... Maybe a bug introduced in V1.0?
Whole Startup-Sequence is :

Assign LEGEND.0: DH0:LEGEND.0/
Assign LEGEND.1: DH0:LEGEND.1/
Assign LEGEND.2: DH0:LEGEND.2/

I am really puzzled!!!
Anyone can think of solution?
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Try leaving off the "/" at the end of each of the assigns. It should be unnecessary, and may be the problem.
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Old 25 September 2005, 02:48   #6
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I just did same error message and if i type line in prompt it works just as with slash / added...
I tried few versions of assign from WB1.2 and WB1.3 same result
It seems that directory cant be found when executing command in Startup-Sequence (tried both DF0: and DH0 but manually typing that line works like it should...
Argghhhh i wanna play Legend of Faerghail from HD )))))
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How did you create the hardfile? Is it just an hdf, which you created by typing the size and then clicking the button "create" or how did you create it? Did you activate the RDB Mode? Or is the hd just a directory from windows?
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Old 25 September 2005, 14:17   #8
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What happens if you remove that stuff from the startup-sequence, add it to a batch file with the default icon set to IconX which runs the game like so:

Assign LEGEND.0: DH0:LEGEND.0/
Assign LEGEND.1: DH0:LEGEND.1/
Assign LEGEND.2: DH0:LEGEND.2/
cd LEGEND.0:       ;Do whatever here to start the game
Maybe the assigns will work later on after Workbench has loaded properly?
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Old 25 September 2005, 17:50   #9
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It's just a Kickstart quirk, I don't know what the real cause is but the solution is simple. First make sure you have the wait command in your path and add the line:
wait 1 secs
to your startup-sequence before your assigns.
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Old 25 September 2005, 17:56   #10
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If you are running the game from a script in the directory as Codetapper suggests, then it's better to use:

Assign LEGEND.0: ""
Assign LEGEND.1: ""
Assign LEGEND.2: ""
The "" points to the current directory and avoids hardcoding paths. If the directory is moved around then it will still work.
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Old 25 September 2005, 22:01   #11
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Now this is really strange...

onedevotee75 : HD is just windows directory (i really like it this way so i can have fast access to any file on HD) and is working really nice in all programs and games. RDB Mode? Pls explain.

Codetapper: Just tried it with batch files but its same ; just dont wanna execute first line in startup-sequence as it should.

OddbOd: Nice idea but now see this
wait 1 secs .... gives Bad args, Wait failed returncode 20
wait 1 sec .... gives Bad args, Wait failed returncode 20
wait 1 .... gives Error in number, Wait failed returncode 20
wait "1" .... gives Bad args, Wait failed returncode 20
If i type any of this 4 variants, it works!!!! What is going on here? This didnt happend on my real amiga 500 1mb v1.3 with 20mb HDD back in 1989!!! This must be bug where any argument after first command in DH0:S/startup-sequence is not understud correctly...

Assign LEGEND.0: "" .... gives Bad args, Assign failed returncode 20
if i type it ; it works and assigns correctly

This is maybe a bug when working with windows directory acting as HDD?
Thx guys for trying to help

Edit: here is my WinUAE V1.0 configuration if someone needs

Attached Files
File Type: uae Amiga 500 V1.3 Expanded Memory with HDD.uae (11.1 KB, 102 views)

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i am not really sure, wht this rdb mode is. i dont use it. i have read that this has something to do with scsi and partitioning harddrives. But i am not sure.

It´s very strange behaviour of your hd, really One more possibility what you could try,is scanning for viruses. Maybe there is one ore more on your workbench hd. Did you check it for these ugly code?

By the way, i have tested with your configuration with ha wb13 installation on a hdf and an windows folder. There were no cmmand problems but the emulation was very very slow. I would consider two tweaking points in the config: with the current ram settings i would set chipset to ocs and fast copper on for getting an A500.
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Old 26 September 2005, 01:08   #13
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No viruses or ugly codes found on HD

But it works like charm here on my P4 2.4C 1GB SL-86SPE-L GeForce 6800GT 120GBHD etc. And i preffer acurate emulation if my rig can handle it Its just this problem which is bugging me

Well if nobody else come with some solution, i ll wait for WinUAE v1.1 relase date (soon i hope ) maybe that version solves this...

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