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Ambermoon Keyboard Stutter

Hi All.

I should preface this post w/ I have been using Amiga emulators for only a week or so. Have not looked under the hood too much at this point and not sure if I should or not as I never owned an Amiga of any kind. Was not real sure what I was getting myself into but FS-UAE certainly made some games click&play friendly for an MS-Dos person.

I had played Amberstar a long time ago using Dosbox. Enjoyed that for a bit but never got very far.

Never bothered with Ambermoon due to no PC version ever released. Am now trying to play through both via an Amiga emulator because they are awesome.

Quickly figured out Ambermoon must be played off of HD after endless swapping of virtual floppies. The nostalgia factor wore off real quick with that.

Somehow managed to get Ambermoon installed in an instance of Amiga Forever's workbench (don't ask me how but even a blind hog can find a nut every now and then) & I have to admit I am stoked with my initial foray into the game. BUT, the problem is w/ keyboard movement w/in the 3D environments. Simply put, trying to maneuver using keypad is like walking behind a slow old woman using a cane. Just painful.

So I am wondering is this normal/fixable or fubar?

The stats:
alienware laptop with no numpad hence a USB keyboard (Bravis? brand)
Amiga forever WB 3.x WB w/4xxx model, 68030 cpu etc. etc.

To be honest I am like a monkey pressing keys when it comes to setting options within the WB .rp9 config window. No idea what I am doing but somehow got the game running.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this problem other than my method so far which seems to be change an option, load game, check whether improvement or not, rinse repeat.

I don't think this is a latency issue because when I move my team around in 3D window with the mouse the game flies along. But this method is like trying to throw a handful of wet mud through a small hole. It works but feels like there could be a better way.

I am assuming old Amigas had keyboards...hence my confusion w/ this innocuous seeming issue.

Thanks for reading & any would be much appreciated.

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Thalion Webshrine
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On a modern computer with the correct WinUAE settings the 3D sections are as smooth as butter.

Install the latest WinUAE from Toni's website. Install AmigaOS 3.1 from disks. Install Ambermoon. (Optionally apply Maynef's patch) and 030 config with fastest settings... You should be able to turn on roof and floor textures and it will run very smooth
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Thanks Alex
Will give that a go and see what happens.
Have visited the webshrine a few times over the years, many thanks for your efforts keeping these gems polished and available for posterity.

I'll report back on success or...

edit: I think I kind of did that already with Amiga Forever or is your advice a little different?

Using AF I edited the included WB 3.x system & installed Ambermoon from within that emulator.
Don't think AF actually installed the HD on my HDD?

Is your rationale that if WinUAE is installed physically that Ambermoon will function better?

re-edit: did as you suggested and installed WB3.1 in WinUAE, then installed Ambermoon.

Works pretty good for this age game now. The problem was trying to turn in 3D window using Home/Pgup keys. The regular arrow keys work fine though there is a slight hiccup before the game rotates the character - workable.


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