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Emulators List for Amiga 68000 -based (A500/600)

Emulators List for Amiga 68000 -based (A500/600)

Hi all!

I am looking for a list of emulators for Amiga based on CPU 68000 (you know, A1000/500/600/2000).

I have no intention of emulating any system with a stock Amiga 500, I asked this just for curiosity, historical reasons and old software preservation.
I also saw a similar thread on a AtariST-oriented forum, and then I asked myself: why not do the same for Amiga 500?

please, if you can complete my list, I'll update this post with the emulators that you add!
What I ask is to bring the latest version of the emulator, the kickstart required, some info, and possibly a link for the download.
The latest version is the latest version of the emulator that runs on 68000, and not the latest released version!
i.e.: the latest version of "ZX Spectrum emulator by Peter McGavin" should be 1.7, since the version 2.0+ requires 68020+.

This is the list of emulators for Amiga 68000-based that currently I know:


ToyBoy? Gameboy? - v?.?
I don't know what exactly is this emulator, I found it on Aminet

ZX Spectrum:

ZX Spectrum Emulator by Peter McGavin - v1.7 - KS1.x.
This emulator can load standard ZX-snapshots and runs at about 40%-90% speed.

Commodore 64:

The A64 Package- vv1.00n - KS1.x.
Very slow, you can use it just to run apps written in Basic.
Found on the Tosec.

The A64 Package- v3.01 - KS2.x?.
You can found a demo from Aminet

Any info about Go-64! ?

Atari ST:

Medusa- v1.2a - KS1.x.
Requires 2 disk floppies.

Amtari- v2.02 - KS1.x.
Found on Tosec

Chamaeleon- v1.08 - KS1.x.
Found on PlanetEmu

Chamaeleon- v2.0 - KS1.x.
Found on TheZone!


A-Max- v1.0 - KS1.x.
Requires a Mac 128/512/Plus (64k/128k) ROM image or a special hardware card.

A-Max- v2.1? - KS1.x.
Requires a Mac II (256k/512k) Rom image or a special hardware card.
A-Max 3.x requires a 68020+ ?
Found on TheZone!


PC-Task- v3.0 - KS2.x? - 2MB of RAM ?.
I haven't Pc-Task so I can't verify if this information is correct, but I remember that PCTask 2.x could run on 68000 emulating a PC/8088, PCTask 3.x could run on a 68000 emulating a PC/286, and PCTask 4 requires a 68020+ and emulates a PC/486.

Any info about PC Transformer ?

if I have done something wrong let me know!


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Transformer emulated an 8086, with Hercules (mono, green screen) display (IIRC) or thereabouts. I did actually get a couple of things going on it on my old A1000 - I recall having great fun playing Jacaranda Jim on it

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I made a similar list awhile back, it's at http://amigan.1emu.net/aw/ami-emus.txt

Not everything on the list will run on 68000 but much of it will.
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