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Custom Disk Formats

Apologies in advance in case I'm posting in the wrong place - but I'm looking for a pointer to some examples of the way custom Amiga disk formats worked (I may not be using the right terms here).

To be more specific, I understand about the MFM physical data and AmigaDOS formats, but I'd like to learn more about non AmigaDOS formats.

From what I've read, the first block is always readable (for obvious reasons) using the traditional MFM sync values, but it may then contain custom code which then takes over the reading of data from the disks - thereby supporting these custom formats/encodings.

For example, one of my Amiga format disks (AF63b) appears to use their own DMA DOS, from DMA Design.

From searching around the web, I've found one mention of this on the SPS website - but no actual information on the specifics (http://www.softpres.org/wip:2007-01-12).

So what I'm really looking for is some technical explanations of some of these formats. The SPS must have them, I suppose, in order to describe their own .IPF format, but that information if it is known does not appear to be publically available.

Anyway, enough rambling - hopefully this gives you some idea of what I'm after.

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There are hundreds of formats for Amiga games, easily over a thousand if you count in minor variations as well...

Basically, anything you could imagine, fits the physical limitations of the media, as well as the rules for (reliable) recording on the media and the target system's reading capabilities can become a format.
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Checking the source for WWarp might be of use to you, it has info on (+ images) several of the more common non-standard formats used (Ocean, Gremlin + others) on multiple titles... otherwise I think you're on your own, getting your hands dirty in debuggers
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Ah - the source to WWarp is very enlightening - thanks!

Now to refresh my 68k assembly knowledge

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