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Old 20 February 2006, 23:25   #21
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hey Chronos,
Count Zero was me.. Cyberspace BBS, based in Essendon. Ryan?

Polish - I've got an Amiga 3000 desktop which I'm cleaning up to sell on ebay (installing larger SCSI HDD etc). Interested? It's a full 68030 at 25MHz, with 68882 FPU and MMU. It's got 2meg CHIP and 4meg FAST (ZIP RAM), 2x floppy drives, comes with 1960 hi-res monitor and I'm probably going to stick 2x 4.3GB HDDs in it.
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Old 21 February 2006, 11:28   #22
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Oh yes!!. i used to dial into Cyberspace BBS !.. that wasnt a bad one!. its a small world isnt it.
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Old 21 February 2006, 12:07   #23
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sure is, and I think I recall Dark Fusion as well.. didn't you run a beta of EzyCom for awhile, then switch to some other software (can't rememer it's name but all the IBM warez bbses ran it as well)?
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Old 21 February 2006, 14:59   #24
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Hiya Polish. I think if I give away or sell my Amiga 4000 I will regret it, just like I regretted selling my c64. I do hope to use my Amiga 4000 again, but at the moment I just don't have the desk space.

Hiya Gizmomelb. I was referred to your BBS by a friend who probably knew you personally. His name was Sam. I don't know anything about you even though we probably have chatted, and I don't think I knew where your BBS was located unless I have forgotten.. All I remember was that your BBS was quite popular and underground..

It is nice to see "old faces" on here even if we don't know each other personally. The more I think about the old days, the more I miss it... How things have changed..
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Old 04 July 2006, 02:17   #25
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hey Spy!

Hey dude - how funny - I just stumbled onto this forum and recognised you right away!!


StyLeMaSTeR DJ ex Tyranny, Prestige, Skid Row, O.T.T etc


How are things?
Old 04 July 2006, 04:29   #26
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Ex Perth - Forrestfield here. Now residing in Uk.

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Old 04 July 2006, 05:43   #27
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alright! a contact in ol' Blighty!

any chance of asking huge favours and getting you to send some UK magazines from ebay over to Oz for us?

The Poms always charge an arm and a leg for postage and packing on ebay. (7 pounds UK postage for a fekkin CDROM? get real, I've previously had 3x mags in a parcel sent to me for only 4.60 by someone who wasn't a ripoff merchant)
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Old 04 July 2006, 11:45   #28
Ya' like it Retr0?
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lol, you shop to hard on ebay my friend,

I am sure that if you buy stuffs from this eab community they would see you right
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Old 04 July 2006, 15:49   #29
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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
ahh missed this thread.

another Aussie/Melbournite. Used to track tunes/code trainers/intros as an indie, but was loosely affiliated with Punishers (oh the shame!). Also used to run an independant BBS - Cyberspace, which started on an XT with 20MB HDD - eventually it grew to multi-node dial-ins and a 486 (from memory) before I closed it due to lack of callers (and the mainstream appearance of internet dial in accounts).
Hey Gizmo, i had your BBS in my Terminus list back then and i used to call it occasionally!.. then i met you in person the other week and didnt know till now that you were responsible for that BBS. lol.

HA HA.. i just realised i already mentioned this.. lol.
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Old 05 July 2006, 13:14   #30
Yeah Hup!

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Ex-adelaide Aussie living in Darwin now, CD32 is all that has the benchspace these days. Like most I regret selling my 4000, but I just wasn't using it and the buyer wanted it real bad, just like I did when I bought it.

You other guys have pretty good memories, I can't even remember the names of the bbs's I used to dial, let alone the sysops....
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Old 17 July 2006, 06:03   #31
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Originally Posted by Shakir
Hey dude - how funny - I just stumbled onto this forum and recognised you right away!!


StyLeMaSTeR DJ ex Tyranny, Prestige, Skid Row, O.T.T etc


How are things?
check your prvate messages...

havent spoken to you in like 16 years+

catch up for a beer when your back in sydney...
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Old 17 July 2006, 20:32   #32
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Hey there,

I was involved from first release of A500 in Australia, orginally from Canberra, living in Melbourne.
I was a major tracker head from the start and over the years handed out a lot of mods (and whatever they were before mods, i forget) to guys in Canberra, crew names escape me but they traded alot with Red Sector and were pretty active themselves. One guy did a fair trade with some UK heads. I only recall real names and the handle 'OABAAL'.
A guy I want to get hold of is David Mapplebeck, he moved to UK around 1992~1 so maybe someone round here knows where he's at. Please let me know or let him know I want to hook up.

Unfortunately I tossed 1 large cardboard boxload of wares and thousands of mods (stupid), out with my dead A500 in 1995 when I finally crossed over to PC. So yeah, I'm keen to track down some of my early tunes.

Thanks for any help.
Old 17 August 2006, 13:00   #33
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G'day all. I am from Melbourne and bought an Amiga in Jan 1989 but sold it in Dec 1992 to buy my first PC. I now use emulators to play my old favourites. By the way are there any Heavy Metal fans here?
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Old 18 August 2006, 10:27   #34
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Last edited by Minuous; 25 October 2006 at 21:51.
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Old 14 September 2006, 23:32   #35
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I might as well have my 2 bob-worth. I am from sydney also, and having leeched most of the stuff I have from the Cydonia BBS's and also what was then MidnightCaller BBS (I think). I used to go by the alias of EpL for those of you who may recal ?

I managed to get about 5 cd'd worth of stuff which I still reguard as being worth more than gold. I have always been a fan of the Amiga, and having just moved house, I have re-found all my stashed away treasures, like.... approx 2000+ floppy's, 2xA600's, 2x1200's, 2x2000's (both 1200's have 1240/40 and 1x200 has a 30/40 installed), and not to mention the boxes of harware for them. So as you may have noticed, having only joined this channel a few days ago, I have the amiga bug again..... trying to get those babies up and running again.... 1200's are ok. 1 of the 2000's is ok and the other no longer blinks an eye-lid. must be the battery as it has leaked.

Anyhow, that's it for me for the mo.
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Old 29 August 2008, 09:14   #36
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Happy Hey buddy!

Originally Posted by Rimmer View Post

I'm an Aussie too, I'm in Melbourne / victoria and i used to run a public domain bbs called Backwards BBs, i had over 1000 users on the bbs, ithe bbs program i was using is called pcboard which ran on my old 486 pc.

I still have my amiga 500 with 5 meg memory blizzard turbo board and 20 meg hd..(Could have been bigger) and a kickstart rom sharer..
I also have an ami600 as well plus not to mention my other pc's,
Plus i have over 700 amiga disk's

The Darkside....
Comp 1
Amd 1.3 gig duron
120 gig hd
Comp 2
DFI Nf4 ultra infinity mobo
Amd athlon64-3200+ (Venice)
1 Gig ddr400 memory.
Asus extreme n6200tc gfx card
dvd writer
smc cable/dsl 4 port 10/100mbps broadband router
Two 120 gig hd's

regards from Len..
Rimmer! I remember you mate. I used to logon to your BBS all the time. I think the number was something like 9541 3**7. Something like that?

I used to run a BBS called Distortion BBS back in the day as well.

Hope you're doing well mate. Message me I wouldn't mind chatting to you.
Old 29 August 2008, 10:20   #37
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I'm an Aussie!

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Old 30 August 2008, 19:32   #38
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You should join the EAB Social Group: Australian Amiga Users then
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Old 31 August 2008, 02:25   #39
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
No way, that's the guy

I used to visit once a month or so and grab the latest games from him.

Spent loads of money. Sometimes the games didn't work, he was pretty cool about it though. Next time you came along he'd just let you grab another game.

Small world indeed.

PS. I used to live with my parents in Caringbah, Sutherland Shire. I used to visit Micahel with my friend who lived in Hurstville. Not sure how he got to know this guy...

This was was about 15+ years ago. I must have only been 13 - 14 years old at the time. Unfortunately my Amiga broke soon afterwards and we never got it fixed

Jeez, it is a smal world, I went to buy some games from this guy with a mate once.
I remember walking into a bedroom there and there were people sleeping all over the place, I never went back but I still have the disks I bought off him ( they no longer work but still in the disk box ).
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Old 31 August 2008, 03:02   #40
Into the Wonderful
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G'Day - I'm an Aussie from Melbourne and I have been using Amigas since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I still like to fire up my Amiga 500, which still works perfectly.

Welcome, mate.
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