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Question Does anybody know what this old (non Amiga) game is called?

Hi guys! Back in what I could only guess is around 1985 a friend of mine had this console system (I think) which had a really cool shoot-em-up on it.

The novelty in this game was that the ship you controlled consisted of 4 space ships all behind each other. When you moved right, the second ship would start to move right a bit later than the first (top) one, kind of a worm effect as if it was attached by elastic or string.

I can only assume that when you moved right and shot you had more firepower (4 bullets over a horizontal range) rather than 4 all on the same path. When a ship was hit, I think the other ships moved up so they were behind you without a gap where the blown up ship was (again, I think!)

I would love to know what this game was and what system it was on, and/or if it was an arcade game. I have attached an awful picture trying to depect what happens when you move right and what the ships look like. The game was standard "blow up everything" fare and possibly end of level bosses involved docking with a spaceship (but I might be merging several games here)...

Does anyone have a clue what this game was? It was definitely in colour and possibly as early as 1983. It did not have a big chunky controller like the Grandstand Video Master, it was a pretty normal looking joystick.

Also, any Amiga PD versions of this game out there if we can work out what it is?
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Roll eyes (sarcastic) non Amiga game name

Sounds really similar to an old game I remember called Tac Scan - it was an arcade game. There were more than 4 ships though. I think you could have 7 or 8 going at once...

Could this be it?

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I also thought about Tac Scan, but it certainly isn't. Atlhough you have 5 ships in Tac Scan, they don't move like CodeTapper said..

This game looks cool, hope you find what game it is, I am rather interested now too...
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First I thought it was Moon Cresta. But it doesn't have the elasticity thing going on.

What about hmmm this Master System game very similar to Starforce? I think it came in a cartridge with Pit Pot.. what was its name?

Will keep looking. You might want to try posting at my forum Codetapper, lots of other shmup fans might be able to nail the game
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