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Two-bit whore
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What are your top ten games from the 8-bit era?

What are your ten favourite games from the 8-bit console and computer era?

Mine are:
Match Day
Head Over Heels
Way of the Exploding Fist
Yie Ar Kung Fu
BMX Simulator

All on the Spectrum as it was the only 8-bit machine I owned with good games on it. I owned a Plus-4 which was sadly lacking in quality games despite having better colour and resolution capabilities than a C64.

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8 bit = master system 0wnZ

sms Phantasy Star
sms Wonderboy III - the Dragon's trap
sms Sonic 1
sms Ultima IV
sms Y's - the vanished omens
sms Miracle Warriors
sms Lucky Dime Caper
sms Space Harrier
atr River Raid
c64 Bombjack

This was easy There were a few good atari 800 games but I don't remember any names. Sorry guys but I think 64 sucked big time because of terrible tape drive
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Since I never had many consoles, mostly micro's instead, I have a shorter list:

1) Impossible Mission, C64
2) Loderunner, C64
3) Raid on Bungeling Bay, C64
4) Zork Zero, C128
5) B17 Bomber, Intellivision
6) Pirates!, C64
7) Gunship, C64
8) Portal, C64 (A classic Activision title that seems to have a bug in it, you can't finish/complete this game)
9) Bards Tale 1 & 2 (A Tie), C64

@Burseg, what Tape drive

My dad had one for about a week then bought a 1541 for this very reason

Myself I bought one with my first C64 system.

EDIT: I have to make a change to my list I really have to add this title after some self-debating on the drive home from work.

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Tape drives, HAH Nobody in its right mind would use that crap!

It's too fucking tough to make a list across all formats.:P Some classics that are always, ALWAYS up there. In no particular order:

Up n Down /C64
Soldier Blade /PCEngine
Tower of Terror /C64
California Games /C64
Maniac Mansion /C64
Outrun /SMS
Tetris /GB
Ice Climber /NES
Keystone Kapers /Atari

That would be it. Games I always return to!
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Got the fever back
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Alright, my top 10 are all c64 games.

10. Summer Games
9. Winter Games
8. Times of Lore
7. Bubble Bobble
6. Maniac Mansion
5. Lazy Jones
4. Skool Daze
3. Defenders of the Crown
2. Pools of Radiance
1. The Bard's Tale
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Old 08 June 2004, 08:32   #6
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In no special order:
Giana Sisters (C64)
Bubble Bobble (C64)
720 (C64)
Last Ninja (C64)
Skate or Die (C64)
Dragon's Lair II (C64)
Ghettoblaster (C64)
California Games (C64)
Metroid (NES)
Zelda (NES)
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1. Impossible Mission 2 (C64, CPC)
2. Target Renegade (CPC)
3. Laser Squad (CPC)
4. Last Ninja 2 (C64)
5. Gryzor (CPC)
6. Match Day II (CPC)
7. Basket Master (CPC)
8. IK+ (CPC, C64)
9. Bomberman (PCEngine)
10. Combat School (CPC)
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Loosely ordered, my top ten 8-bit favorites could possibly be:

Times of Lore C64
Maniac Mansion C64
Exploding Fist II C64
The Bards Tale III C64
Gateway to Aphsai C64
The Master of Magic C64
Force Seven C64
The Last Ninja 2 C64
Mutants C64
H.E.R.O. Atari|C64

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in no special order

Pirates! C64
West Bank C64
Last Ninja C64
Elite C64
Turrican C64
Katakis C64
Over Horizon NES
Smash TV NES
Contra NES
Nemesis MSX

there are much more around... Maniac Mansion... Nonterraqueous... Catalypse...
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No particular order:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SMS)
Chuckie Egg (Dragon 32)
Dan Dare 3 (Spectrum)
Tetris (GB)
Super Mario Bros (NES)
Turrican (C64)
Dan Dare (Spectrum)
R-Type (Spectrum)
Sonic the Hedghog (SMS)
Defender (Atari VCS)
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Into the Wonderful

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All for C64

1.Ghouls 'N Ghosts
2.Mr Angry
3.Mad Nurse
5.Fantasy World Dizzy
6.Exploding Fist /2
8.Turbo Outrun
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Pitiful I dont had a C64 back at the eighties because I would include many, surely. I had a MSX but just some days with very crap games at 1984 or 85, but my computer was the Spectrum 48k+ during 8 years or approx.

my list on speccy then:


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Zone Friend
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Thumbs up

C64 All the way, in no particular order...

Last Ninja II
International Karate
Monty on the Run
Turrican II
Last Ninja
Summer Games
(Although not listed in the ten, others include Myth, Times of Lore, Project Steath Fighter, Bubble Bobble, Ghouls n Ghosts, Barbarian, Operation Wolf amongst others, way too many to list!)
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Tim Janssen
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The 8-bit machines I've owned are a Vic-20 and a C64. Here's my Top 10:
10: Videomania (Vic 20)
9: Frantic Freddie (C64)
8: Rat hotel (Vic 20)
7: Fast Eddie (Vic 20)
6: Proof Of Destruction P.O.D. (C64)
5: Pengo (C64)
4: Nebulus (C64)
3: Wizball (C64)
2: Last Ninja 1 (C64)
1: Turrican 1 (C64)
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- Gryzor (CPC)
- Pengo (CPC, Basic Listing from a german magazine )
- Pirates! (C64)
- Giana Sisters (C64)
- Ghost´n Goblins (CPC)
- To be on Top (C64)
- Hanse (CPC)
- Vermeer (CPC)
- Kings Valley (MSX)
- Yi ar Kung Fu (CPC)

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Tik Gora :D

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All C64 .. No order

Chuckie Egg2
Super Pipeline 1/2
Gogo the Ghost
Giana Sisters
Monty on the Run
Spy Hunter
Many many more ...

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Into the Wonderful

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Gogo the Ghost! what a top game that was
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crusader of light

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In no particular order...

NES - RC Pro Am
SMS - Space Harrier
SMS - After Burner
NES - Batman
NES - Turtles Arcade Game
C64 - Cabal
C64 - Chase HQ
NES - Spy vs Spy
SMS - Ghosts n Goblins
GB - Tetris
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You gotta be kidding. It's easier to list my top10 amiga games than my top10 8 bits games. All my fav games were on the 8 bits era.

Where should I begin?

Elite, Dig-Dug(Arc), Beamrider(MSX), Space Manbow(MSX), Gyruss(Arc), Moon Patrol(Arc), Eggerland Mystery(MSX), Adventure of Lolo(NES), Treasure of USAS (MSX), Aleste 1&2 (MSX), Zanac (NES), Soldier Blade(PC-Engine), The Castle(MSX), Salamander(Arc), Metal Gear(MSX), Bubble Bobble (Arc), Pitfall2 (Atari2600), Bank Panic(Arcade), Hype(MSX), Knightmare(MSX)... and I could go on for a while. And those aren't just games I think they are good, but games that I TRULY LOVE.

Most of the games listed as arcade games I probably played first in some home version (In most cases, the MSX version)

Some interesting games on other people list too.

The Lucky Dime Caper on Burseg's list: this is an awesome platform game that deserved to be more known.

Laser Squad on ManicX's list: Still one of the few strategy games I enjoy playing even today.

Lazy Jones on Mangar's list: OHH, I had hundred of hours of fun with this game. The music was great also.
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epun umop ap!sdn
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No order... all C64
Spy vs Spy (1-3)
umm can't think of what else I played to death...
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