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Lemon Curry ?

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Originally Posted by jdryyz View Post
WHDLoad version works on this machine. I want to see the excellent Ross trainer though!
There's a WHDLoad version of Ross' Ultimate Edition.
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Originally Posted by ross View Post
Hi all, i'm proud to present "Ziriax - Ultimate Edition":

It's a 100% ADF working version of the 1990 game by "The Whiz Kidz", trained and enhanced.
Actually is the only full working version existing.

All is born in this thread:
http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=88891, from message #5 onward.

There is also some old posts about it:
http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=78527, http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=66749
and an interview with the original programmer:

Now game make use of the 2nd joystick button for the weapon selection and
use memory above 512kb to cache data and cut down loading time.
A complete trainer option screen [+6] is at disposal with a selectable new "max power-up",
start level, invincibility and other cheat.
Finally a proper end of the game can be reached.

Fixing this game was a fun journey, i've discovered even some bugs not directly related to the game .
Yes, there was several bugs.. Anyway the game engine is really good!

More significative patches:
- support all Amiga (ocs to aga, 020+, every memory configuration)
- do not crash anymore on level 3 or other "strange" situation
- end of game/credit part is reachable
- high scores table works properly
- standard 880k ADF, fast loading
- use extra-memory if available

The history of this game has been very troubled, so it deserve to be properly preserved.
A big thanks to all involved (credits in the initial intro).

In The Zone! Enjoy!
I looked at the zone and I couldn't find it there.
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Originally Posted by xboxown View Post
I looked at the zone and I couldn't find it there.

Look again I just reupped it for you
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Hey...there it is!! Hehehe Thanks for re-UPPING it to me
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retro maniac

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I started this version yesterday. Very hard game but I'm slowly moving forward. Thanks for work Ross and StingRay.

BTW. I have small graphician errors during playing. I tried to test disk straight from disk but to my suprise game didn't start on EC030 with 32Mb Fast.

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