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It'd have helped if this had unique levels, but the old levels have been remade. I can't unsee the classic Gods which audio-visually really holds up well even today; the game just looks so jarring by comparison.

But I still get it... if they had made a completely new homage game that had similar gameplay, people would probably have dumped on it even harder just because it would be a slow platformer with tank controls.
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Into the Wonderful

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This remake is ugly. I can kind of accept the backgrounds etc, but the main character is horrendous and is animated very badly. At least it has the classic graphics as an option which saves it, somewhat.
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I dont like it. Would still prefer to play oroginal Gods!
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For my $21 it could have been better. I’m waiting for this coders rendition of Shadow of the Beast.
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Old 13 April 2019, 06:40   #65
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Originally Posted by MickGyver View Post
Unity is free and let's you make a game with low effort, even without any coding. This has led to a lot of asset-flip* and otherwise bad games. The free version of Unity requires that the Unity splash screen is visible so all these bad games have tainted the Unity name.

Many good games have been made with Unity but the best games often don't show the Unity splash screen because the developers usually have paid licenses.

Unity is very capable and you can make very good games using it if you put effort into it. Even if it is convenient to use it won't automatically make a GOOD game for you. You still need to design your game (very underestimated), make nice looking graphics and good music and sound fx.

The problem with the remastered version of Gods in my opinion is not the fact that it is made in Unity, it is the inconsistent graphics, bad animation and bad game feel. I don't want to beat on this game too much but that's just what I think about it.

*) A game poorly put together using (mainly) bought assets.
Thanks for that. It's in line with what i expected.

Sad that it turns into "lol Unity" comments, rather than informed criticism of the actual game.

Re asset flipping, that does also go into the "why reinvent the wheel" debate, depending on the asset of course.
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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
Re asset flipping, that does also go into the "why reinvent the wheel" debate, depending on the asset of course.
True, this mainly regards graphics and music/sfx to some extent. If you find existing code for something (with a compatible license), by all means, use it, no need to reinvent the wheel as you say.
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prise for this game is to high!!!
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