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2D custom graphics system used by Japanese Engineers !

Check the latest news from VideoGamesDensetsu :


It explains that Taito, Konami, Capcom, Toaplan, Seta, and some others Arcade giants manufacturers were using Workstations with a 20 buttons joysticks to draw pixel art for their games.

It for instance gives confirmation that while at the start Capcom used Sony SMC-70 custom machines to do Tile editing.

They have archived these machines as soon as sharp release the X68000. the X68000 was used as a professional workstation until 1994-1995, where they adapted their system to PCs under windows.

Imagine all the great CPS-1 games and also CPS-2 games until 1994-1995 where drawn on X68000 machines !

one of the japanese graphist working on arcade machine even prayed Sharp CEO to no stop the making of the X68000 !

At Capcom this was their choice machine, instead of the PC series from Nec, used a lot by Sega.

I wonder if capcom used OS/9 for X68000 to code and build the program of their coin-ops

Taito has made lots of their coin-ops with the X68000. Liquids Kids is one of them
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I thought it was well known the then expensive X68000 was used as a workstation for game development, which is why alot of games are near/arcade perfect because of that very reason. (Also a reason why its not fair to compare X68000 games to 90% cheaper home computers at that time! It was the Neo-Geo of the computer world, and like the Neo-Geo comparisons should be made seperate from cheaper machines.
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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in fact, the system they used for the neogeo, was the same used on the X68000
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Thanks for the link dlfrsilver ! Very interesting reading !

Edit: On the article, we can see that on many pictures the gfx are "cut" in square -> [ Show youtube player ] (how old school gfx worked, from 8bit guy).

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