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Ugreen vga video splitter with the Amiga, works great!

Hi all,

If it helps anyone else...I recently tried this Ugreen VGA splitter with my A1200/BenqBL912/OldSamsungTV setup and it works brilliantly.

I modded my RGB->Vga adapter to also pass in Csync on d-sub hd15 pin 12 from Amiga db23 pin 10 and the signal is indeed passed through to Vga port 1 on the splitter (not to port 2 which is a good thing not having to break pin 12 on the vga cable, just use port 2 for RGBHV). This means I can have RGBS from port 1 at the same time as RGBVH is passed through to my 15 kHz capable monitor from the second port, Hurrah!.

Just needed to make a custom d-sub hd15 to Scart cable. This is great if you perhaps want to have a scaler/converter like the well known cheap Scart->hdmi hd converter plugged in as well as vga, or a GBS board, or a capture card or a.... I now use the cheap Scart->hdmi converter as a flicker-fixer when running wb in PAL high res 640x512 laced and it works great, gives me a little more space in wb and that mode flickers a lot on Benq via d-sub but not when using the converter, de-interlaces nicely, just switch on the monitor buttons between d-sub and dvi input when going in/out of games and wb. Games and lower progressive res looks better going through the vga and no lag is introduced then (important when gaming). I couldn't notice any degradation in picture quality either, it looks great, as a matter of fact the short shielded custom Scart cable I made gives less noise than my fairly new db23->Scart lead bought from a well known Amiga store. The 15 kHz RGBHV looks as good as before when only using the RGB->Vga adapter to Benq.

The Ugreen splitter can be powered from hd15 pin 9 (from Amiga pin 23) or externally +5V via micro-usb typically through using a phone charger. I soldered in a wire 23->9 and then measured the power consumption...together with the RGB->Vga adapter it pulls around 100-110mA when using only one port at a time, so just on the fringe of what you maximum should strain your Amiga 5V with (100mA). When both displays were used at the same time it went up to 155mA, so definitely use the external power source in such a setup. With external power (phone charger) connected it went down to around 10mA, that is what the Hex Schmitt Inverter chip inside the RGB->Vga adapter pulls (for buffering HV-sync).

More details here:

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Name:	Ugreen_vga_splitter_spec.jpg
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So, I've tested the GBS HD 9800 board with gbs-control and the RGBS out from vga out 1 on the splitter. Created a hd15-to-hd15 shielded lead with Csync from 12->13. Marked one side with a little tape stripe to know which side is which. Managed to tweak the settings pretty good running 1280x1024, deinterlaces nicely and scanlines can be turned on for progressive modes through gbs-control webconfig. However, colors feels a little dull compared to using RGBHV directly to the Benq BL912 monitor 576i@50 or using the cheap scart->hdmi converter, so will continue to use that combo although no scanlines...
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Name:	d-sub_hd15_RGBS_to_hd15_pic1.jpg
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Name:	d-sub_hd15_RGBS_to_hd15_pic2.jpg
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Name:	gbs_hd9800.jpg
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Name:	Overscan_setting.jpg
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Name:	wb_gbs-control_1280x1024@50_after_tweaking.jpg
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