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Smile Amiga Module to Ableton


I would love to be able to convert my amiga modules I made years ago into Ableton tracks.
I'm hoping to do this to be able to improve them as I am now more familiar with Ableton than I am protracker...

Does anyone know a way of doing this short of loading the samples into Ableton and re-creating the track?


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No, there's no way you can do this.
Specially the effects part, you can't translate that to Ableton.

My suggestion: Load the modules on your Amiga and play them. Record each track separately (mute the other three, repeat x4) then edit the waves on Ableton. You can chop it up as much as you want and rearrange it to your heart's content. And bonus: You can also apply proper production techniques to them.
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Yeah, I'd already considered that.

I wanted to import the patterns more than anything and replace the samples with higher quality ones. I'll just have to try and get used to modplug.

Thankyou for taking the time to reply

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Awesome to the max

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There are programs that convert mod-files to MIDI. At least all the patterns and notes are converted. Then you import the midi to your PC-program.
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Yeah that might work, then again, I am not sure about Ableton's fidelity when importing a MIDI file like that.
I also think CHANNEL EFFECT is important data that it won't get translated to MIDI. I mean, if you didn't use ANY effect, I don't know how you could have used Protracker
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Midi is the magic word. Try loading your mods into Modplug Tracker and give each used sample an extra track. Then export the single tracks via midi. You can also create midi files with Octamed. Use Simpler in Ableton for the samples. If you need to convert them first (AmigaIff/8vsx), try audacity or just resample with ableton. Also there might be some nice converting tools on aminet. Drag & drop the midi file to the corresponding simpler track. Adjust speed and see if it worked

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Solution: Get Madtracker 2 which has a rewire function.
Start up Madtracker, load your module and set it to pt3 mode, then start up ableton and it should initiate rewire, on the input of each audio channel you can select each channel from madtracker. You can do this with any module up to 32 channels I believe.
Then it's just a matter or recording and arranging the song in ableton.

My solution is to first track and sample from my amiga, and then convert the module into something readable my madtracker, then rewire the module to ableton and record into there.
I create sections for each pattern and channel and then use ableton as an audio editor rather than a midi/sample sequencer.

This is my most recent result, the amiga turns out to be an excellent sampler and sequencer, then the shine is added with hardware and software effects.

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