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FS UAE Appreciation Thread :)

I just wanted to start a thread of appreciation for this great emulator.

WinUAE is working great on my windows setup but i spend the majority of my time running linux so its great to have this emulator and with scanlines enabled seems to me to offer the most authentic experience out there (next to my real a1200 of course).

I have it running AmigaSYS 4 with P96 emulation and run games from virtual harddrives via WHD Load. I have a couple of small issues with floppys and the launcher but those are for another thread..

One suggestion tho, the built in interface looks amazing but are there any plans to have an advanced mode started by a command line switch perhaps? It could include options beyond floppy and joystick settings such as memory , mounting .hdfs, changing gfx filters?

Anyway thanks again
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Well and truly appreciated! But Frode already knows that!
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Thanks for letting me you appreciate the work

FS-UAE is by no means done, and will acquire more features. But the philosopy for FS-UAE it self so far has been to put into the UI what *needs* to be there during runtime, for instance floppy swapping. Changing memory settings is not essential in the same way, as the emulation needs to be reset for the change anyway.

And another thing is that just because FS-UAE does not have feature X, does not mean I think that feature X is a bad idea, but more likely that I thought time was better spent implementing feature Y and Z instead!

The launcher was created to solve the problem on how to let users *configure* FS-UAE without writing configuration files. Partly because this type of configuration interface is faster to write than trying to stuff it into FS-UAE itself, and because it would be easier to add other features such as game browsing and irc chat / net play setup.

The FS-UAE interface will evolve too, for instance with support for on-screen keyboard and better interface during online play. -And who knows what else. I don't have a final list
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B14ck W01f
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Thank you for a great emulator, Frode. I am using WinUAE at the moment, but I will use FS-UAE a lot more when I am using a Mac instead of a PC.
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First post Great job on the emu (well UI ).
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It was the creation of FS-UAE and rapid growth/addition of features etc that finally allowed me to ditch Windows for good, so hell yeah I.. appreciate it.
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Win-UAE is a great program on my PC.
I'm now enjoying Amiga emulation on my Mac thanks to FS-UAE, it's good to finally see Workbench at full screen on my 27" iMac without having to use Bootcamp. Keep up the good work.
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FS-UAE Developer

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Thanks all! Even though I might not respond to each notice of appreciation (unless there is a question there), it is ... appreciated
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