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CF cards bigger >4GB on a 1200, and HDD ?

Hey guys, Well first off, I think my IDE hard drive, 8.5GB, in my A1200 Tower is going downhill... Had a nasty little episode where booting was taking WAY too long... and I could clearly hear the disk validating itself... The last time THAT happened on this system was like 16 months ago... Now, after getting my machine to boot.. a few apps i have in a DIR on a partition, now respond with the VERY helpful 'Unable to open your tool xyz' requester... SnoopDos didn't help either, all I see are FAIL's on about EVERYTHING except opening arp.library...
This has been my hands-down MOST stable Amiga system EVER.. I don't want ANYthing to happen to it..
So, does it sound like impending HDD failure to you guys and gals??

Now, if so... I COULD get another HDD... but, I'd love to go with a CF card... I have OS 3.9 +BB1&2, Could I use an 8GB or bigger CF card? Umm, successfully?

And before this, I had a 2GB SCSI go bad on me...
I really can't have storage of any thing less than 8.5GB... and would really like more...
*Look, I'm a Lightwave freak...general animation/graphics freak... and an 'electronic hoarder', 'nuff said..LOL*
Oh, and maybe the some 215 games installed too... LOL!

So , what say you?
Here's full specs; I hope:
A1200 in PowerTower Phase5 '060/50 - 128MB, DCE 12xx SCSI module, 128MB, OS3.9+BB1&2, assorted goodies like CD-R, scanner, printer, Zip, ext. floppy, etc....LOTS of patches and add-ons... tho, again, it's usually a very stable system.. No, idea of the motherboard rev. All I know, is I bought it pre-assembled in the tower, and the mobo was made in the Czech Republic, so I was told...

Thanks for any help and advice!

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I used a 120gb Seagate harddrive on my old A1200 with the old Power Flyer (FastAta today) It got full after downloading loads of stuff using just dialup over the years until 1999 (the year my old A1200 passed away)

Now the new A1200 has got a 7gb 2.5" hdd :P with a laptop CDROM which I can't seem to mount properly. Need a 160GB 2.5" hdd very soon. (FastAta1200 is awaiting dispatch at Amigakit)

Why don't you buy a 80pin scsi hdd and use a 80pin to 50/68 pin converter?

Never used a CF but you can use anything that's larger than 8gb.

I just used blizkick with my BlizzardPPC to replace the old files in the 3.1 rom with the newer ones extracted from OS3.9 boingbag2 AmigaOS ROM Update file. I think there are even more recent versions of those files like a newer scsi.device available. I think unofficial boingbag3 and bb4 includes those.

I guess the setpatch of OS3.9 patches the Blizzard's scsi.device (is it 1230scsi.device ?) to make it compatible with hdd's larger than x gb?

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I use a 32GB SDHC card with a cheapo SDHC to IDE adapter:

This is on an A1200 with WB3.1.

SFS file system and patched scsi.device to allow larger than 4GB to work correctly.
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OK, then I might assume it should be OK under OS 3.9... Cuz' even I could get my 8.5GB working under OS3.1, using NSD.device...

Well... I guess I can try,,,,

Can anyone say the largest CF they have had working under, say OS 3.5 or better...

Thanks to both of you, BTW.
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I have seen 16 and 32GB CF cards used with 3.9 with no problem.

DJBase has used a 32GB Transcend card in his 1200 with 3.9.

I personally like the Sandisk cards the best. They cost more, but have less compatibility issues.
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