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Megadrive VS SNES

Which console did you have the most fun on? No flaming, No arguing about specifications. Just which you had the most fun on and what were your favourite games. I'll start, Megadrive, Golden Axe, Robocop Vs Terminator, Streets of Rage.
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I have both now, but not as kid.
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I have both now and had both when i was a kid. Good Times.
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Falcon Flight
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Most fun was from the SNES for sure. I could not afford Neo-Geo, which is what I really wanted in my teens.
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Old 25 December 2009, 05:07   #5
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Easy question - the SNES! Had so many fantastic games.

I also wanted a NeoGeo but there was no way I could afford one... and the games were really expensive too (and the carts were huge ).
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Old 25 December 2009, 05:43   #6
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I had fun on both systems.... As a kid, just the SNES but... heres a quick list

SNES : Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Shadowrun, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, F-Zero, the list goes on...
Megadrive : Road Rash 1,2,3, Streets of Rage, Sonic 2, Shadowrun (different version to the snes), Lotus (and some other amiga games)
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Old 25 December 2009, 08:50   #7
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Super NES - Zelda III, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Star Wars, Super The Empire Strikes Back, SF2T, F-Zero

Mega Drive - Sonic 1&2, Tiny Toon Adventures, SF2 Championship Edition

Only had the Mega Drive a short while. Bought the SNES twice and had more fun with it.
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Old 25 December 2009, 09:02   #8
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Megadrive, Phantasy Star series.
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Old 25 December 2009, 13:03   #9
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Odd question I like both, but I think it's the SNES for me then. It's a small difference though and I wouldn't want to miss the MegaDrive either.
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Old 25 December 2009, 14:22   #10
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Sega Megadrive. Actually I owned its American sibling Sega Genesis long before I got my first Amiga. I must say this console blew me away - playing Sonic the Hedgehog, was indeed marvelous experience back then in 1991 when most of my friends were having NES clones. I thought it felt like having arcade at home. Except for Amiga, none of my later systems (PSX, Dreamcast, Xbox etc) could rival Sega Gen (MegaDrive) in the "wow factor" category. My fave games were: Sonic series, Virtua Racing, Gunstar Heroes, Robocop vs Terminator, Streets of Rage 2. Later on equipped it with Sega CD (waste of money as the most of FMV games were rubbish!) and Sega 32x.

SNES had its great line-up of RPGs, Donkey Kong Country and mode7 titles, but I preferred that arcade experience only Genesis could deliver.
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Old 25 December 2009, 14:39   #11
Can’t rain all the time..

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My first game I played on snes was TMNT, was a great time
My favorite game ever on Snes is Yoshi's Island
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Old 25 December 2009, 14:54   #12
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Already I have Megadrive. My fav:
- The Punisher, Shinobi Revenge, Streets of Rage (Trilogy), Terminator, Ristar, Final Fight CD
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Old 25 December 2009, 16:18   #13
CBM & Retro Mad
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i had both in my early teens i always preferred the snes though

some of the games i liked>

super mario world, mario kart, f-zero, starwing,
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Old 25 December 2009, 17:44   #14
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I had both and still own a Japanese Mega Drive to this day. I just have greater memories of enjoyment on the Mega Drive, not to say the SNES was not a great machine, because it was. I think mainly because the Mega Drive was released earlier then the SNES in the UK, and I remember being blown away by the superb graphics of Super Shinobi, and arcade ports of Golden Axe, Ghouls 'n Ghosts and other exquisite offerings like, Ghostbusters and Super Monaco GP. Of course Phantasy Star II was a real favourite of mine back then. I have to mention the YM2612 too, what a chip! Music to my ears. I have quite of a few of those video game soundtracks on my iPod.

As for the SNES, all I can remember is hours playing Smash T.V., Mortal Kombat and endless Street Fighter. Juster fighters really, but of all of them, a personal favourite was Ranma 1/2 neighbourhood combat, a real gem of a game.
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Well, I don't know what is better as there are many games I love on both systems... I choose both!!!
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Old 27 December 2009, 02:26   #16
Miggy Ate My Hamster!
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I've had a few Megadrive and Snes consoles over the years but if i had to choose between the two i would pick the megadrive... i had more fun with it and found the music in games to be far superior than the Snes (but slightly worse digital FX/Speech).
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Old 27 December 2009, 11:19   #17
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Super Nintendo

Donkey Kong Country
Chrono Trigger
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Mario RPG
Secret Of Mana
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Old 27 December 2009, 16:13   #18
Amiga will never die!
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I had waaaay more fun on the MegaDrive than the Super Nintendo. Nothing on the SNES beats Sonic.
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Into the Wonderful

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Super Mario World - is the best platformer I've played.
Mario Kart - brilliant multiplayer fun
Streetfighter 2 - as above and a good conversion.
Contra 3 - very arcadey feel to it and that tortoise boss is awesome

Also, the SNES pad is probably my favourite pad ever.
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Sune Salminen
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In the various places I grew up nobody had consoles.
Everyone had Spectrums, C64s and Amstrads.

I remember the odd tennis/pong or Philips G700 console and some people had those handheld LCD games too.
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