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Eek How I installed ClassicWB with Linux, an A1200, an A600, and WB2.04

OK, the situation: 1 computer with Linux and an IDE port. 1 Amiga 1200. 1 Amiga 600. 1 set of WB2.04 disks. You also need the Workbench 3.x ADFs.
1) Download ClassicWB and fiddle with it in UAE. You need to install Classic WB virtually first. You can mount the classic WB image in Linux (sudo mount -o loop System.hdf mount_point -t affs), then start uae as root to access it.
2) Stick the HDD in the A600 and insert the 2.04 Install disk. Type 0 when it asks if you want to change keymap.
3) Partition it using HDToolBox (max 2GB I believe per partition)
4) When you're there, name the partition WB_2.x
5) Run the hard drive format tool also on the install disk (NOT Format on the workbench disk). It will format the WB_2.x partition automatically (so make sure you don't have another partition called WB_2.x you want to keep). Answer no when it asks you if you want to install workbench. Open up the partitioner again and rename the disk to System.
6) Power off computer, put HDD in. Mount the HDD and the virtual image (sudo mkdir /media/real /media/virtual; sudo mount /dev/sdx1 /media/real -t affs; sudo mount -o loop System.adf /media/virtual -t affs)
7) Copy all the files across from virtual to real (sudo cp -av /media/virtual/* /media/virtual/.[^.]* /media/real)
8) Unmount both directories and delete them (sudo umount /media/{real,virtual}; sudo rmdir /media/{real,virtual})
9) Power off, insert into A1200, and GO!

EDIT: Sorry for the stupid post icon, must have accidently clicked it...

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It's amazing how fast it it goes, even faster than the emulator! I can't wait to get some Fast RAM and really see it fly...
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Thanks for your experiences Muzer. Glad you got it up and working.
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