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Buffer overflow when transfering lots of files

Hi all!

I would like to move Bloodwych's preinstalled Classic WB Lite 68k HDF-image to my 4gb CF card using winUAE. My CF is formated as a single FFS partition (3.7GB - well under the 4GB limit) and have just used the settings proposed by HDToolBox (buffer, blocksize, transfer rate etc.).

The way I tried to go about the problem was to open a shell and type in the following command:
dh0: ALL to dh1:
The miggy copies happily along but stops after 20 minutes or so with a buffer overflow error. Can any of you guys pinpoint the problem?

Another question: I've setup winUAE to closely resemble the specs of the miggy the CF card will eventually go in, which amounts to a rather slow machine:
  • A600, 68k
  • 2MB chip mem
  • 8MB fast mem
  • 3.1 ROM
Is it possible to setup winUAE in a way that benefits from the massive CPU power of the PC it is run upon without causing havoc? As I see it, file transfers are every bit as slow as on my real miggy.
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i'm not sure, but try to copy less files at once, sort of:
copy dh0:libs dh1:
copy dh0:devs dh1:
and so on.
maybe a file utility like dopus or filemaster have better copy routines and can manage the whole at once.

the winuae issue:
Hardware -> CPU and FPU -> Fastest possible ...
and Hardware -> Floppy -> Floppy Drive Emulation speed
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So it's just that one file? Perhaps the name is too long or has some unsupported symbols that the real AmigaFFS doesn't support and Amiga emulation does.

Perhaps the hdf is actually too big? block size on your PC might be 4096 or something and blocksize on CF is 512.

Your title does say it's lots of files so maybe there is a strange file where it chokes on, surely the procedure identifies it though?

Also, did you format verify that CF stick? to ensure your settings are not out of bounds and also the structure is correct and free of errors. The HDtools program might get the physical structure of your CF incorrect (read definitions) and you might have to guess it?

More questions, less answers ;-)

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