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Amiga 4000D Zorro problems

Hello i'm new here and this is my first post.

I have a few questions about the behaviour of my amiga 400d.

The A4000 is 4000D with an a3640 cpu board.
memory banks chipram and 2 banks of 8Mb

the issue is this:
if boot it from another partition than dh0: or if i disable a partition in the early boot menu ,the zorro slots are not working.
i also have a scsi harddisk with a gvp A4000-HC+8

it works fine but same issue if i boot form another partition than dh0: on the scsi or if i disable one no scsi card recognised .

the mainboard is recapped battery removed , the a 3640 is a rev 3.1 with the gal chips changed to ver -03 .

any ideas anyone?


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Do you have autoboot disabled in your GVP and load the driver with binddrivers?
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Just to clarify: are you booting from internal IDE or the SCSI - i.e. is the SCSI hard disk the main boot disk or is there an IDE disk present also?
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It actually does not happen when i use a A3630 cpu card.
i'll try to clarify : scsi boot disabled (no scsi hd present) booting from ide hard drive(or cf card).using the card only as memory expansion.

when i disable a partition the zorro card is also not visible in the early boot meu.
when you give a "hard"reset holding down ctrl A+A 10 seconds it re appears in the early boot menu .

the binddrivers might be worth a Try Amiga-digital also couldn't figure out what happens , migt be a softwre related thing.

in my amiga 1200(with blizzard mk IV) i use a 20Gig 2.5inch hdd and i use multiple boot partitions.
dh0s 3.9 classic dh1:classic advsp dh2:amigasysy 4 aga and dh3:clean wb 3.1
i shut down the partitions i don't boot from , it works fine.

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