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Heavy Stylus
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Starwoids - The story behind the full version...

After emailing the original artist involved in this starwars-meets-oids shareware classic, I got this reply:



The full version was never completed. Martin, the coder, was offered a job in the game industry soon after the demo was released, and then I got a job making TV commercials and lost my internet connection for a few months, and we never again had the time to finish it. Jobs suck.

We returned the registrations we had received. There weren't many.

I remember working on new tile-sets and maps (up to seven new maps, or I might be making that number up), and possibly some new sprites, but I don't think they they were ever playable in the game -- still just in the editors.

I liked StarWoids. I'm still embarrassed that we thought it was okay to ignore copyright and rip Star Wars like that, but we never received any Cease And Desist mail so I guess it got in under the radar.



Perhaps this is one that AGTW could follow up? Contact Rowan via his business forum at:

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thx for some nice read.
Always wondered why the full version never got completed.
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Thanks! I'll follow it up.
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Hungry Horace
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they didnt really need to worry too much about copyright, given that the game was done as a 'pastiche'
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What if a level editor can be made to this stuff? The available version has mostly enough gfx and sfx to extend the number of levels, IMHO.
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Old thread, I know - I was one (among few) who registered for the full version (lived in the Netherlands).

I loved playing the demo version, got hooked and carefully wrote a raving letter how much I liked the game. Folded the letter, attached a check, and sent it off in great anticipation.

...only to never ever hear a response back.

I do not recall whether the check was ever cashed, and I always wondered what did happen in regards to the final version. I guess that got cleared up! This would be great material for a remake, though.

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