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For those who retired and reactivated...

I'm really curious about You guys out there, that - in some point of there lives - quit/lost the Amiga scene, and then returned - in any way, one can call "active".

What's the story behind Your "abandonment"?
How could you fill Your in-between life, without the Amiga?
What's the first word, that came into mind when You've suprisingly saw that the Amiga is "still there"?
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I was a pc user, detesting anything amiga related, never owned one... I thought it was dead before a long time, until my eye caught many ebay amiga auctions going on insane sums... and I told myself, why all these people still use/care about the amiga? and I bid and won an a600. and a couple of a1200's... and the rest is in my signature
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2nd era...
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I got involved with other things (mainly school-related) and lost touch with the Amiga scene, particularly after we stopped getting Amiga Format (it's diminishing size didn't really justify the price anymore). I never forgot the good times though.
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got bored of it.

i was a member here a couple years ago now ive returned with a new identity.
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I put my Amiga 500 away in late 1991 when all the Amiga stores around me disappeared and I had hardly any software (I think Canada was the first place Amiga died). I didn't touch another computer until early 1994 in university and was thrilled with DOOM, but hated Windows. I started DOS&Windows programming in 1996-97 and boy was I shocked about how tedious and stupid it was (extended memory problems, dumb graphics workarounds). Over the years my Microsoft hatred increased as I was forced to use Windows & Office.

Then, one beautiful day in 2002 while browsing the internet I discovered that Amiga was still alive (which later turned out to be a cruel hoax). I pulled my old A500 out of storage and ordered upgrades and software like a madman. Then I had peaceful bliss using my Amiga.

Tragically after not using Windows for 3 years I now have to use Windows XP at work. Over 95% of the crappy design flaws that I last saw in NT have not been fixed for XP! I must say that Windows is the crappiest crap ever to be crapped onto a computer screen.
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Originally Posted by Shoonay
What's the story behind Your "abandonment"?
PC-CDROM Full Throttle

Being a "Adventure Games" Freak, the first time i saw Full Throttle on the PC, i feel in love! "He actually talks!, no more crappy dialogue like Operation Stealth". That and the lack of software for the miggy, ending in it's demise

I returned to the AMiGA just after i discovered ADF, i mean, after a few years at storage all my disks were ruined, so no software! Then i got hold of a 1200 and could actually transfer ADF's back to disk!
After that i just had to upgrade it, just like i wanted it back in the days
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I got bored of the A500 thing in some point. Then i had a "growing up" era, getting to know some bad drinking habits etc. and Amiga was left aside (sold it to my friend). Then in some point i began to miss Amiga, so i had an A2000 for free(!) from my dad's friend. Had a 40MB HD in it plus 6MB ram on the GVP board. First experience on an Amiga with a HD in it and i got it working all by myself . The A2000 broke, i had an A600 and it broke, then i bought A1200 and since then never have gave it up.
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cheeky scoundrel

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I used my Amiga 500 up to 1995, when it broke. I then did the most stupid thing I have ever done : I threw away all my software including some rare gems such as the Son of Zeus demo

I switched to a PC (486 DX33 with 8mb ram and a whopping 512mb harddrive) and used Dos until long after everyone had switched to windows 95, until I started using it myself. Then I turned to the darkside and started to program dos / windows software and games. I gave up game programming 2 years ago (when they introduced pixelshaders, it went way over my head), but continued software developing using Java which is also my job.

A few years ago I noticed a program called "winuae", which turned out to be an Amiga emulator. After fiddling with it for a couple of days I found all the kickstarts required and a few game, and from there on I replaced almost every piece of software I had with an ADF version.

A few weeks ago I picked up some books about Amiga programming and in the near future I'll be buying a real one again.
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I was seduced by the dark forces of Megadrive/Snes and PCEngine, sold the A500 to finance games on those systems at that time copying them was unheard of, unlike Amiga softs and I enjoyed the console gaming experience more. Got back into the Amiga scene through attempted emulation on my crappy PC using winUAE a few years ago, with little success.
Considered upgrading or buying a newer PC, but decided buying the real Amiga hardware back would be the better solution and all the games would work no problems . (HAHAHAHAHA)
Got a A1200 magic pack+some game CD compilations (Giana/Rtype etc) and entered a new world of frustration!!!!!!
After so long away from the real Amiga scene I was unaware of the total lack of backwards compatibility between Amiga hardware platforms and would have given up long ago if not for finding this web-site.
Still a long way to go, but I know the rewards will be worth it. (GAMES)
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Dr. Dude
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Originally Posted by Eny-
PC-CDROM Full Throttle

Being a "Adventure Games" Freak, the first time i saw Full Throttle on the PC, i feel in love! "He actually talks!, no more crappy dialogue like Operation Stealth". That and the lack of software for the miggy, ending in it's demise
You ever played Valhalla?.....i guess not
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when I moved out of home there wasn't really room for the amiga and the pc on the same desk, or anywhere else in the house... and same with all my disks and joysticks... juts don't have the room for em.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Dude
You ever played Valhalla?.....i guess not
Back then no, only heard of it. The world's first floppy disk talking adventure.

Great game btw, not Full Throttle though

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Forced retirement for a couple of years... My Amiga 600's PSU broke down and I couldn't find any sort of replacement.

I did the unthinkable to get back into my Amiga: I connected a bloody -Commodore 128- PSU to it!!! I still don't know how I didn't fry it because the pinouts are completely different, but the Amiga DID RUN excet it had fucked the sound and teh diskdrive wouldn't run. Still worked! I was amazed though scared so I didn't do that much, but I tried it like 5 or 8 times. A nutter! Tell me that machine is shit again, it surviived my stupidity!

Fortunately for me (and my poor abused A600!) I found a guy who would take in my broken PSU and give me a used one in exchange for little moolah, and there I had my miggy back into work again. Same guy agreed to insert a diskdrive into mine (it got fucked before breaking the PSU) for a whiel to copy a terminal program into my HD. This is how I started transferring stuff into my Amiga from the PC!
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Been involved since December 1990

Thats now 15 yrs of constant Amiga
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Having used the Amiga professionally for creation of our games and music software for about 10 years, I was more or less forced to shift to a high-end PC (the only machine that could compete with an A4000) in the course of 1997.

The excuse that eased my conscience was that my favorite PC 3D software 3ds Max was co-created by Dan "DPaint" Silva.

My heart has always remained with the unequalled magical atmosphere of the Commodore days though, no doubt about that.


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i had my A500 in 1988 for christmas...was so cool, my uncle had it since 1986 and i was looking forward to buying one. i sold it with all my stuff (including a pont&click game i did with AMOS called NIKTAMER ISLAND kind of MOTHERFUCKER ISLAND for non french people ) in 1994 just before going to the university because the 2 first years were really hard and authorized no distractions. Then from 1996 to 2000, university was pure pleasure and i thought of buying a new amiga right from the start, so in 1996 i bought a 1200 with worms, slamtilt and settlers. IT WAS REALLY A GREAT IMPRESSION : FINDING SOMETHING FAMILIAR BUT WITH A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS (OS, Graphics, Speed...). then it was in and out:

- out when i realized the compatibility issues with A500 floppies
- in when i found the some of the first hd installs of JF Fabre (project X Superfrog....)...
- out when i got bored
- in again when i heard about the whdload revolution and saw the amazing work completed (All my favorite games EXCEPT WINTER GAMES -hey mr codetapper ?- have been slaved). i've been in a collecting mode for a long time and now i'm pretty happy with my config and game collection...GREAT OTHER RESOURCES : MAGAZINES ABANDONWARE with scan of full french mags in the good old days....+ LSD Manuals, both printed...

even without a computer, amiga has always been in the back of my mind, waiting for a revival!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH...I never played anything else, and with the list of whdload games available and my 2Gbytes HD pretty much loaded I'M FINE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE !!!!
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Interesting to read squirminator2k's (Dream17 Webmaster) story of being a younger fellow (18 yrs) and growing up around his dad who used an amiga. Imagine being 4 and seeing the team 17 logo burned into your retinas on a regular basis.

In my case, I was in my early teens when I was blown away by the SOTB 2 intro and got my computer illiterate dad to buy me an A500. Left home, concentrated on senior high, and only had my interest in the Amiga (and 2D video gaming in general) re-kindled with the birth of my first child. I thought it would be cool for my daughter to grow up playing the same old school games I did.

Perhaps squirminator2k is one of the very first "next gen" classic amiga users. I implore everyone to begin weening their seed on an Amiga, NOW! And if you never liked the idea of having children, well you now have a good reason to do so.
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Hmmm ... I only wrote about my Amiga goodbye, not my start.

I was able to buy an Amiga 1000 in 1986, one year after the introduction of the Amiga (with Andy Warhol, for those who still remember the first issue of Amiga World, which was such a classy mag). To be able to buy the expensive machine while I was only 15 years old I had to sell my Commodore 128 (with pain in my heart) and clean the toilets in my mother's boarding-house for 3 years.

But it was pure magic in my little adolescent room. My first games were Hacker, Marble Madness and an intriguing HAM game that came with the package: Mindwalker. I've never been able to figure out what was the exact goal in the game, but the music was haunting. I've still got it as an MP3, after having recorded it from the Amiga onto minidisc once.

After the A1000 followed an A2000 (I'll never forget the nightmare of a lot of programs not working properly anymore because no-one had considered the new fast mem while programming yet ).

After the A1200 and A4000 came out I first bought an A1200 and co-created the first ever AGA demo in the scene (HoisAGA I - "Planet Groove"). After a few years I moved on to the Rolls-Royce: the A4000. You can read about my Amiga goodbye in my previous post.


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Mr Kipling
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I got all "Amiga'd up" in 1991 with a A500+ and moved on to the A1200 in 1993. I switched to PC's in the middle of 1996 mainly as the games companies were concentrating more on the PC platform and also most of the shops where i lived stopped supplying Amiga games.

Started to get back into the Amiga scene in 1999 thanks to WinUAE, mainly to use OctaMED and to play Speedball 2, Battle Squadron, Knights of the Sky, Wings of Fury.................(i could go on for hours)

I had to sell both my A500+ and A1200 for money reasons, but i wished i'd of kept them now

Still have fond memories of the good old days. I always knew the "Classic Amiga" would never die out as it was far to popular back in the day as they were great machines.

I'm still suprised that some peole i know didn't take the Amiga that seriously saying it was just a games machine.

The fools!!!!
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I had the following Amigas

500x2 (never really used them, bought later)
2000HD+video toaster (sweet)
4000/030 (waaaaay over priced - payed $1,600!)
1200/HD/030/8 (Main system)

Used it until '98 when I joined the Army and couldn't really have all my stuff shipped to my new duty station. While on leave sometime in '99 I got an offer I couldn't refuse. A Windowz PeeCee for a measly $348 (pretty good specs - was refurbished). Now a days, I use my comp mostly to emulate everything but itself!

That said, I still miss the Amiga (and the C64).

I also joined this site to give back to the Amiga community by offering my Amiga game. It's a shame that the Amiga is gone as nothing is "Magical" about computing anymore.
Anyone whos listen to Shane's "Amiga Insider" episodes on http://www.retrogamingradio.com/ knows how I feel.

Ok... I'm gonna go now
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