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Old 28 March 2005, 15:14   #41
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buying a 2.5" HD for the 1200 rox, and IMHO it is better than spending money for an a500... u get all the games in the HD, loading nice and fast, without having to boot from diskettes...
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I was into the Amiga from around 1987 to 1993 during which time I did a lot of programming (demo/trackmo/etc) - I kinda lost interest when all my trading friends gave up, plus I was at university and didn't have time for beer and the Amiga...

Really do miss the community feel and am really enjoying getting back into it - might even dust off my miggies!

ps, Just did a quick google - here I am!

http://dchipaux.free.fr/_syl_/_txt_/...nd%20Demos.txt (I wrote this)

http://dchipaux.free.fr/_syl_/_txt_/...%20adverts.txt (Search for Apache64 and KamelDOS)


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Oh noes!
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Games and modtracking was amiga for me.
Then Doom came along with networking and I was sold... shure I missed some of the amiga things but my PC just did thing much better.

Hung around EAB for a while and with the beta of UAEkaillera i regged and started posting.. later I got myself a CD32 for nostalgic reasons. I still can't belive that there's no **** RGB out.
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Old 09 April 2005, 20:10   #44
I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by spiff
... later I got myself a CD32 for nostalgic reasons. I still can't belive that there's no **** RGB out.
There was a CD32 version with RGB out, instead of the S-video, and it was brilliant. Some sort of french version, I'm not sure.
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Old 10 April 2005, 08:58   #45
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Yes. French. Due to no Secam output. So they provided the French with RGB. Fetch a mint on that great online auction int he sky.

But you can mod a normal one. Look in the bigger cd32 FAQ and it gives you some instructions towards the end. Not hard if you are handy with a soldering iron - or have very steady hands and little experience with one.
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Old 12 April 2005, 11:31   #46
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I bought my first Amiga (a 500) in ´88. I was addicted to it straight away and used it continuously until ´95 when I bought my first PC because I was impressed by Doom. Since then my Miggy catched dust on a shelf and three months ago I threw everything away.

I discovered winUAE a little earlier and I have the entire TOSEC collection just for nostalgic reasons. I never threw away my original disks so I still listen to my old ST and Jamcracker tunes every now and then

So you could say I only relive the A500 over and over. I never upgraded to a 3 digit model of the Amiga back in those days so I don´t long for it now either. I´m stuck to the 500
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Old 12 April 2005, 11:46   #47
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I was an avid Amiga user until I got out of the scene in 1994 when I bought my first PC, a 486, for college work, and oh yes, Doom. I remember picking up the Doom shareware CD and looking at the screenshots and thinking "The Amiga has NO games out that look that amazing".

And now even though I do all my work and gaming on a fairly powerful PC system, I've recently started feeling very nostalgic for those old Commodore and Amiga computers.

I discovered EAB.net a few weeks ago while browsing the net and was extremely impressed with how large and active the community is here. I'm glad to have found it, and now my Amiga 1200 is up and running again, sitting on a desk right behind me.
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Former Amiga game creator
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Originally Posted by onkelarie
I never upgraded to a 3 digit model of the Amiga back in those days so I don´t long for it now either. I´m stuck to the 500
5 0 0 = 3 digits.



P.S.: Kom je aanstaande zaterdag ook naar http://commodore-gg.hobby.nl/april16.htm ? Even lekker een dagje notalgie herleven!

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Old 14 December 2007, 20:10   #49
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Any new members of the Amiga Land?
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Old 14 December 2007, 21:10   #50
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Originally Posted by 5h00n4y View Post
Any new members of the Amiga Land?
Funny, I never abandoned the Amiga - I'm a (relatively) new convert!

I've always been into Acorns from the 8bit days through to the present-ish. I never 'got' Amigas - friends had the odd A500 & A1200. TBH I was never impressed. RiscOS looked better & worked well, the hardware was in many ways much more powerful, & if I wanted the latest games all the best ones were ported (alongside home-grown ones). They all HDD-installed too, long before the wonderful WHDLoad...

...Out of curiosity I downloaded WinUAE & grabbed a few files. That was about the turn of the century & I've not looked back!

OS design is among my (geeky) interests: AmigaOS is the most amazing piece of work - everything about it impresses me. (well, it's a shame the original AmigaDOS: CAOS didn't happen & FFS is a bit poo...)
The hardware was great for the time & is fun to fiddle with now. (often as a result of C='s 'interesting' design decisions )

Having said all that, most OS's I only play with last 6-12months before I get bored...
...The EAB along with the endlessly interesting Amiga past & 'present' keeps me with it.

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new to winuae, amiga died a couple of months ago after 15 years of service now i use winuae and pretty new to internet (allways been on the go not had a regular address to get things like phone lines) got myself mobile internet from t-mobile and laptop and now can surf when and where.

nice to see so many fans still loving it
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Old 14 December 2007, 22:36   #52
Stuck in the 80s

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I sold my A1200 and everything in 1999.

Ditched all my Amiga mags/books in the same year too..

Worst decision ever in my life Sold it all for £40 and there was a LOT of gear. I remember it filled the boot of my car I'd been using Amiga's fully since 1990 till that fateful day...

Got back into it though around the end of 2005 with a CD32, closely follwed by an A500, A2000, A500, A1000, A500, CD32

I'd never part with my Miggys now
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Old 14 December 2007, 22:48   #53
Graham Humphrey
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I never really "retired". I've kept going since my A500+ in 1991 and I've never actually stopped using them. I've had plenty of other machines of course, but the Amiga's lasted the longest by far (well, okay, I've had several different Amigas since but you know what I mean)

There's very little nostalgia in it for me though, as I've been constantly using it.
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Old 14 December 2007, 23:16   #54
hastala vista winny vista
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Commodore bankruptcy and state of the amiga affairs in 95-96 put me off, so I switched to PC in 1996. Amiga was a lost dream and I was happy gaming with my pentium 100, diablo, daggerfall and stuff ... in 2004 I 're-discovered' the magic behind the amiga and started getting the gear I couldn't afford back then.
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Old 15 December 2007, 00:59   #55
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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
...(well, okay, I've had several different Amigas since but you know what I mean)
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Sold my Amiga 500 in 1993 because I lost interest in it...had discovered another hobby, engines....mostly marine engines
So I didn't own any computer, console etc until April 2000 when I got my first PC...a crappy Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo with a whopping Pentium 3 600mhz
Around 2002 I got an Amiga again...an A600 and then an A1200 and now I have around 15 Amiga's, 5-6 pc's, one Atari 1040STF, one Vic64, one C128, two Mac's + a Pegasos II
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Old 15 December 2007, 15:44   #57
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Got my a500 in 1992, got an A120 in 95, kept using amigas right up to 98 as i was (cough) a believer in the rumour that escom/vicorp/ etc were going to release a "killer" amiga. Then the playstation finally convinced me that consoles were the future. Thanks to winuae, i can have all my amigas, all my software, on my HD and now i can even have it all on my gp2x. 4gb SD card full of games. I guess il never stop using amiga in one way or other.

1 question tho............in 20 years time will anyone be emulating windows xp/98 and reminicing over the good old days of pc?

Even though windows is a million times faster/better than winuae, i dont love it like i do workbench etc. The amiga is just "special" in a way only amigans understand i guess
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Old 15 December 2007, 17:22   #58
Cat lover
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I never retired. In my houses you can find an Amiga installed since 1989 ready to be switched on.
In those year I got an A500 coming from VIC-20 and C-16 (never owned a C-64). What pain at school to study like coder with mono-color screen PC and without windows, sounds, mouse...
I gave to the A500 512K RAM expansion, then Kickstart switcher with OS 2.04 + 1.3, then I got for free an external hard drive connected by AdIDE controller, + 2,0 MB slow RAM and RTC. I remember when I waited for an expansive (here in Italy) copy of Amiga Format or AU.
I used it 'till '98-99 when I found at Pianeta Amiga meeting (Empoli, Italy) a nice and second hand A1200 with 120MB HD for about (today) euro 150.
Now I have and use 2 A1200, 1 A600 with configurations starting from A1200 OS 3.9+18MB+030/50+M1438S to A600+WB2.1+2MB+1084S. Unfortunately WinUAE can't give me that feeling, I need real Amiga.
Probably, since my house is not big, I'll sell the old A500. This is the only Amiga that I don't use anymore, but first I would like give it a Compact Flash HD full of WHDLoad games.
But surely you will always find in my house an Amiga ready to be switched ON.
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Old 20 December 2007, 02:22   #59
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Had a miggy 500, got rid of it around a year later for console(master system), stuck with consoles for a while and then when I went to uni as a mature student I bought an Amiga Technolgies A1200 magic Pack... sent the bugger back to manufacturer within a week as it wouldn't play non-dos games, they fixed that and I slowly added to the machine with hard drive and then accelerator(68040/25) and only sold them very recently.

Still use UAE tho.
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Old 20 December 2007, 23:21   #60
Phone Zen
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I got a 500 around 90 or so after seeing one in action and being convinced it was time to ditch the 64. The PC was never an option at the time. Got a 1200 almost as soon as it came out, and had it Parnet'ed to the 500. Great combination (fantastic utility in Parnet). I was torn a later between going PC and getting an 030 board for the 1200, and opted for the 030. Then Commodore went belly up and I was pissed and got a PC. I got suckered with the first Amiga emulator hoax but the idea was interesting. UAE (and Fellow) early, to me, seemed like nice ideas, but didn't run stuff well and was just a passing interest for me. I never thought there even could be something that had good compatibility.

Then I found WinUAE and Toni's work. I was, and remain, amazed. Still use the PC side of things for most stuff, just easier and all, but the idea of having all my Amiga stuff available makes me feel like I'm back, sort of. More than anything I'm a pack rat now (making up for lost time and space, back in the day) and pushing 30 gigs of stuff. Sometimes I feel like a kid.. "Look at all the stuff I have for the Amiga!!" "Want to play something?" "Nah, but just LOOK at all this stuff!!!"
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