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Depends on what you mean by "active" scorpion users.. I'm still at the embryonic stage but it's v rewarding even in the very early stages.. (lol I'm a slow learner).. One of my projects I started by trying to adapt the alex kidd one, but it was giving me too many headaches when i swapped things out, so I'm comparing them side by side while i started from scratch, so hopefully I'll understand everything better as I add it.

One thing I dont quite get is the tilesets.. I'd like to be able to keep drawing tiles in PyxelEdit but I feel like adding this extra step is going to confuse the heck out of Tiled when I want to add to/revise the tileset? Maybe i just need to get better at using Tiled and I won't need Pyxel anymore? I don't really understand the tile editing workflow.

The other project (the VN) - similarly, I couldnt really just insert my assets into Ace Attorney, I'm planning on implenting a lot of things v differently. (main difference being in AA you've got the "levels" with the backdrops and character graphics burnt in.. I'm planning on using actors with a different expression etc mapped to direction facing, as it's going to have too many bg/character combos to bake them all in and im likely to keep changing my mind as to what the bg graphics look like, haha) But I'm on it, just.. very distracted/slow. But I'm not in any rush. I love all these example projects though I'd be totally lost without them.

I'll have some screenshots/video of both games to show soon, I hope.

edit: Hmm.. Im actually thinking.. I could carry on using Pyxel and make the maps literally as complex as I want and use the convert PNG to map feature? then on a level by level basis I could add a lot of one-off details. It's not like i have to worry about storage space..? I guess i'd just have to re-set the tile solid/platform tags each stage?

Edit: I was having issues with my player Bob being huge so I halved him and now he’s freaking adorable (need to finish the shading, but it’s ok!)
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That's a pretty cool animation! Next update is going to have hardware sprite support for 16 color sprites, so you could have a character up to 64 pixels wide rendered only with sprites (using all available sprite channels), which will save a lot of rendering time since no bob will need to be blitted and no tiles will need to be redrawn.

Regarding editing tiles, I usually use Paint Shop Pro to edit the actual image, I don't think you can edit the image within Tiled. You'll want to make the tileset image large enough so that, if you need to add any more tiles in future, you don't need to resize the image (also - Scorpion only compiles tiles that are actually used, so even if you've got a massive tileset, it'll only save the ones actually used when you compile to disk).
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Sprite support sounds great!

Ahhh, that makes sense! I’ll continue using pyxel on a masssive canvas. and.. I see! The reason I love pyxel is it allows you to draw the tiles in situ and have them all update accordingly, so you can use it like a tile sketchbook testing things out. I’ll make the set in Pyxel and recreate them in tiled.. I’ll export the tile set from pyxel with empty squares still in place.. previously I’d always tell it to remove the empties when outputting the file so I see where I was going wrong now, that was causing them to shuffle about. ??

I’m glad it only includes the used tiles as I already have tons of likely dead-weight ones.

Also is it worth me putting ramps in maps in preparation of ramps one day working or should I steer clear of them entirely? It’s not like turrican could use ramps so it’s not a dealbreaker, haha
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