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Sune Salminen
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ACube Systems Bundles AROS with Motherboard


"It's not exactly bliss and angels in the Amiga world. AmigaOS 4.0, while done, released, and updated, is hard to come by because you either need a supported classic Amiga, or one of the three Amiga Ones ever sold. With a lawsuit underway nobody really understands, and no interest whatsoever from any hardware vendor, the future looks rather grim (...)"
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...and now the rot really has set in for the AOS4 & MOS developers. I feel genuinely sorry for them and all their wasted effort...
...I wonder how many Amiga devotees (like me) would have shown more interest if there had been a realistic way to run AOS4 / MOS..?

It can't be much longer before AROS is released in usable-distro form, then it really will be over for other flavours of Amiga-like OS's.
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Amiga is my Religion

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AROS lacks to many things to be a real alternativ for AOS/MOS.
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Vegetable Lasagna
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Accuse me of flamebaiting if you must but I just don't see why anyone gives a toss about OS4 or any other attempts at operating systems. They're anachronistic at best and complete wastes of time at worst.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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for the most part I agree, especially when it comes to OS4+. Although AROS is an interesting system, and has also given me insight into bounty development techniques which are quite novel for an OS!

I personally would love to see an OS modeled on Workbench, that can run Amiga Programs transparently, and i want all this without a NIX kernal underneath, I want this without having to have a Multiple Gigahertz machine with Ooodles of ram either.

I dont give a toss about PCC / CELL architecture, if time has taught anything, its the Cheapest / most COST EFFECTIVE and prolific solution that will win out, not the better.

so built me Workbench for my x86 PC, yes.... that would make me happy....
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Vegetable Lasagna
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I'll admit that my interest would be higher and my cynicism lower if these modern Amiga operating systems were capable of running legacy software (read games) perfectly. That's why I run OS 3.9. With it (and WHDLoad) I can use my Amiga as god intended; to play Speedball 2.
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Registered User
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To really appreciate developments as these, one has to think outside the box (not view the Amiga as a dumb gaming computer).
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Vegetable Lasagna
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That's just it. I truly believe the Amiga is just a gaming computer (dumb is your word) at this point. It has nothing to with thinking outside the box and everything to do with the acceptance of reality. I love the Amiga as much as anyone. I'm just not deluded enough to think that it is going to make a comeback.

I'm reminded of the Amish who are a religious sect found mostly in the eastern United States and Canada who eschew modernity. The difference between them and 'hardcore' Amiga fans is that they understand, and more importantly, they accept, that the rest of the world has moved on.

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1 Potato to Spam´em all!
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I´m an amiga fan since ....well...ever, but i use pc as well, just like everyone else around here.
The important thing, imho, is not the use you make of your amiga, if you use it only to play games then... go ahead, (i know many pc users that use their pc´s as an arcade machine too).
Anyway the important thing is to keep the Amiga spirit alive, this may sound dull for some, but just think about it, we played the same stuff right? So we share "collective" memories!
So i dont see myself or any other Amiga fan as "Amish" ( maybe with the exception of a single guy in Oregon! ( Maybe Graham misses this one )
Jay Miner´s mission is already fulfilled, Amiga did changed the way multimedia market now operates.(Even if other´s like MS try to take all the credits for it)

BTW: Amish are cool too

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