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Originally Posted by DragonGamer View Post
May I suggest you post on the mame forum requesting this game be emulated.
Honestly, begging for the games to be emulated in MAME is the worst thing you can do; also, there's a kind of rule there, that games people beg for are intentionally delayed.

You can try to run PC drivers in MAME by yourself to see, how slow they are. And adding the Voodoo emulation would make them even slower. Try to run Area 51: Site 4 (it doesn't work, but shows the intro) and check its FPS counter. And that game runs on a much slower CPU without the Voodoo card. Your only possible hopes are DosBox and PCem, _if_ someone makes a standalone emu based on one of these emulators.

Originally Posted by DragonGamer View Post
I already promised if version 1.0 gets emulated I would gladly donate version 2.1 to the mame team and have it dumped.
And by setting such conditions you're lowering your chances to see it ever emulated, because whoever tries to emulate this would have less data to work with.
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Fireball Really?

Again maybe Troll less and no I am not begging for a release and I don't see how suggesting something is begging.
So please don't put words into peoples mouth you only end up sounding desperate.

Also I was the one who suggested to the MAME team to put "Aliens" into Mame and many other games including Primal Rage 2. Which was emulated by one guy I respect. Sadly I am not a coder otherwise.. yes I would have put "Savage Quest" in MAME myself or pay someone to gladly do it.

So yes if you do get it emulated some how. I would pay the person who did it.
So yeah what do you say to that? Oh wait.. You want a Freebie?

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