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winuae and autohotkey

hi, i write a programm with autohotkey to similate a keyboard with a joystick (i use winuae on my arcade cab)
the programm works fine with Notepad but when i want to use it with winuae (fullscreen or windowed) the autohotkey programm does'nt respond
i think it's a problem of priority, but i can't solve it, can you help me?
what is not working is the fact that i want enable or disable the virtual keyboard, if he's enable before the launch of the game, he stay enable and if he is disable, guess what... he stay disable
no way to change the status of autohotkey during the game

the autohotkey program :

lettre := 1

;up -> ctrl gauche , down -> F8 , left -> F9 , right -> inser , coin -> _


GetKeyState, state, Numpad8
if state = D
send {BS}
send % SubStr(alphabet, lettre, 1)
lettre := lettre+1

if lettre=27

GetKeyState, state, Numpad3
if state = D
{ send {a}

GetKeyState, state, Numpad0
if state = D
lettre := lettre-1
send {BS}
send % SubStr(alphabet, lettre, 1)


if lettre=0

GetKeyState, state, Numpad2
if state = D
send {BS}

excuse me for my poor English and all the mistakes...

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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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winuae uses rawinput, normal windows injection methods won't work. (I don't know what autohotkey needs to do in this case)

You can also use 3.3.0+ gameports panel custom mapping. It does exact same thing, map key to Amiga joystick/mouse. (But I just remembered that it has a bug that causes mappings to be lost, you need 3.4.0 beta..)
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that's not a key mapping, it's more like in the arcade cab to input your highscore : down and up to change letter and left or right to advance in your word
plus a key to change the mode (the one that's not working) writing or playing

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