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View Poll Results: What is your fave version of Amiga Lemmings?
Lemmings (original) 41 66.13%
Oh No! More Lemmings 3 4.84%
Xmas / Holiday Lemmings 93 1 1.61%
Lemmings 2: The Tribes 16 25.81%
Xmas / Holiday Lemmings 94 0 0%
Lemmings 3 / All New World of Lemmings 1 1.61%
Voters: 62. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12 May 2004, 06:34   #1
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Your Favourite Lemmings

After recently playing 2-player Lemmings for the first time (I never considered it before) I have now become once-again addicted to this game in 1-player mode. I did a quick search and found that this poll hasn't been made before, so here it is !

People who preferred the CDTV/CD32 version (which was Lemmings + Oh No! More Lemmings) please don't just vote Lemmings - choose your favourite levels, as in wether they are from the original or the "Oh No" expansion pack.

*P.S. I decided to include only official versions.
Old 12 May 2004, 07:18   #2
where am i ?
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the first one is the only one i've played so i'll have to choose that one :P
still have it's music inside hy head
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Old 12 May 2004, 07:42   #3
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I voted 2 because I like a lot of its gameplay dditions and the shitloads of new abilities (bazooker rocks! and the explosions expansion wave affects al lemings, thats cool too) however the music in lemmings 1 is still the BEST.
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Old 12 May 2004, 10:49   #4
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I HATE LEMMINGS why cant I vote for that
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Old 12 May 2004, 12:12   #5
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i second that
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Old 12 May 2004, 13:14   #6
Oh noes!
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Original lemmigs, none of the other versions had that many cool tunes.. or even good ones.
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Old 12 May 2004, 13:36   #7
Into the Wonderful

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I voted original Lemmings although I do love xmas Lemmings
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Old 12 May 2004, 13:39   #8
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Evil grin Methink's the Dizzmiester is a little Confused

The poll Dizzy is about the game Lemmings NOT the real furry kind which I know he had bad experience with as a boy

The storey starts one sunny afternoon when he & a female class mate had skived off early to enjoy the sunshine {and knowing Dizzy other things } having persuaded the young lady that the view from their chosen destination was breathtaking she agreed.

There he was, sat beneath a secluded beach cliff, the afternoon sun reflecting off the gently rolling waves. Feeling super confident with a freshly opened bottle of gold top OL in one hand and trembling teenage left hand trying to start a search & discover mission on his companion

When suddenly there was a squealing noise, and a shadow from overhead as hundreds of REAL LEMMINGS thundered over the cliff top from above, like huge hairy hail stones thumping into the rocks they were sat on, each one making its own little sound like a the grotesque Monty Python Mouse Organ.

Needless to say Dizzy was more concerned about his Gold Top than the girl as he put it between his knees & curled up in a foetus like position with his hands & arms over his head as the downpour of kamikaze creatures continued.

Understandably the young lady in question was in a state of petrified shock, unable to make a sound as the carnival of carnage continued. Till finally the last one bounced off Dizzy's back & alive scurried away to join the other survivors, which is when according to Dizzy she let out a sound similar to a cow elephant in labour { how he knows that sound I didn't dare ask :eek } " Uuuuunnnnggggghhhh!"

Needless to say she was NOT impressed by his seemingly ungallant approach to her predicament as he offered her a sip of his precious beer ! Which she slapped out of his hand as she turned and ran off in tears, leaving Dizzy drinkless & alone, standing kneedeep in splattered & battered lemmings.

Now according to Dizzy he reached down into his school back pack took out a new bottle, opened it and sat down on a mound of still warm bodies. That bit I question, however he still blames the lemmings for it taking him another year to get a NEW girlfriend, after the last one had finished telling her storey to EVERYONE.

So after all that maybe he can be forgiven hating them. Whats your excuse Marco ?

PS: If you think this too offtopic I,ll move it

Last edited by woody57; 12 May 2004 at 13:44.
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Old 12 May 2004, 13:55   #9
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Offtopic? It's staying here!

I have voted for the original Lemmings, which if memory serves me right was the first full price game I went out and bought.

And the music is great
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Old 12 May 2004, 16:50   #10
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Old 12 May 2004, 17:22   #11
Mr Creosote
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No competition: the original. The later versions only made the basic idea too complicated with all these new abilities of which most eventually come down to the same thing again anyway.
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Old 12 May 2004, 17:44   #12
Abre Los Ojos
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Lemmings original , followed by Lemmings du.
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Old 13 May 2004, 00:44   #13
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I voted Lemmings 3. I liked the way the game was simplified there. You had the basic movement like block, jump and walk/turn around. Then your lemmings could pick up new powerups on a per lemming base. How many lemmings you saved in one level would impact on how many you got in the next stage.

I guess I just liked the action element in that you had to make them jump and stuff in real time whereas in the older ones it was more permanent what you did to them.
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Old 13 May 2004, 00:52   #14
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I have to go with the first one.
Played a couple of the others, but its always been the first one thats stuck in my memory.
Old 13 May 2004, 00:57   #15

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Lemmings is one of my all time top favourite games... i kinda got bored of the sequels/addons though... probably because i'd played all 120 levels and played the two-player game to death!
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Old 13 May 2004, 02:59   #16
Lesser Talent
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Hell yeah

One of the only games I've ever managed to get my entire family round to play.

Even my nan. Any game with that type of pull deserves my vote.
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Old 13 May 2004, 15:14   #17

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I want to vote for Lemmings 3D!!!

Seriously, I went for Lemmings 2. It was hard deciding between this one or the original one, but for the same reasons stated by Akira, I think that 2 is a better game.
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Old 13 May 2004, 15:51   #18
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My favourite lemming would be the floater. Ha ha ha.
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Old 13 May 2004, 18:58   #19
Zone Friend
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Thumbs up

Although I agree with Akira's saying that Lemmings 2 was the better designed game, I have to go with the original just for its sheer simplicity. The "dedication" to other Psygnosis games levels,eg: Shadow of the Beast etc. was icing on the cake.
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Old 13 May 2004, 23:17   #20

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has anyone got a disk one of Lemmings that has a trainer for everything, to my memory, it has a grey screen with multi-coloured writing a lemming on the top left and right sides of the screen... it has a nice little chip tune and maybe cracked by skid row...

if you have can you up to the zone... cheers... or if you can direct link it for me, that'll be good also
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