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Hobbyte PD Greats

This may be a bit of a long shot but I'm after some PD compilations which came bundled with my first Amiga. We bought it from a shop called Hobbyte in Luton and it came with a series of disks called "Hobbyte PD Greats" and "Hobbyte Childrens PD".

A quick google search throws up a page with the disk names listed, so at least someone out there on the internet knows of there existence!

  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 1
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 2
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 3
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 4
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 5
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 6
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 7
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 8
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 9
  • Hobbyte - Childrens PD Disc 10
  • Hobbyte - Educational Primary Disc 1
  • Hobbyte - Educational Primary Disc 2
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Amibase
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Blizzard
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Breakout
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Computer Conflict
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Disc 1
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Disc 2
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Disc 3
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Flashbier
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Games 4
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Mech Force
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Textra Wordprocessor
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Spread and Utilities
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Star Trek
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Star Trek Data
  • Hobbyte - PD Greats Pack Virus Killer

It would be hugely nostalgic if I could get hold of some adfs of these disks so I can relive some of my earliest Amiga memories.
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I found while looking through some old stuff the Hobbyte Amibase disk. It read out to ADF without any errors:

Download ADF:


Unfortunately that's the only Hobbyte disk I have. If you want me to mail the actual disk to you I can do so.
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