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Game compatibility with A3000, 3.1 roms

Hi All,

I've created a few floppies from afd files and it's about 50/50 on if the game wil actually play. In a few instances, parts of the screen is garbled, like pow, the top area of the screen is garbage, a few other issues like marble madness the machine lock up. a few seconds from trying to launch the game.

so opinions please on how to fix, do you think it's rom versions, cpu, or memory?

btw: booting off floppy, would using whdload fix these issues?

the machine is a 16 mhz 68030 with 68881, 2 m chip and 4m fast, using the built in scan doubler to connect to vga monitor. like I stated in title running 3.1 rom set.

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Try running relokick first to soft boot to KS 1.3 if the games are old before you load the disks. Lots of games designed for the A500 do not like higher rom and chipset revisions. If there is a WhdLoad version of the game you want to play, most of the time it's been fixed to work with newer kick starts and cpu's.
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