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Floppy disk Floppy Drive works but doesn't autoload in WB

Hi All,

I have recently re-acquired an Amiga 1200 after selling mine 20 years ago to get a PC (486 DX/4/100). The Amiga has never been modified so doesn't have a hard disk. This is exactly how mine was when I sold it.

However, the floppy drive does not click, which is proving to be an issue in work bench as it doesn't load disks when I swap them over. This means I don't seem to be able to load additional tools, or copy disks etc. I have got a PCMCIA transfer kit, and a bunch of blank floppy disks, so my intention was to use it with just the floppy disks for a while to get the whole amiga experience. And then later get a cf hard disk etc etc. I don't want to simply buy a ready installed cf card with everything done for me, I want to do it all from scratch.

As I see it, I have the following options;
1) Replace the internal floppy drive - amigakit.com?
2) Get an external floppy drive - ebay?
3) Screw it and just get the cf hard disk

I am just wondering what you guys might suggest? Options 1 and 2 are both about the same in terms of cost.

Also, can anyone explain what might be causing the floppy disk not to click? Is it something that might be stuck and may be resolved if I clean it?

Many thanks,

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There are two small pins just inside the slot where you put the floppy disc.

One of these activates the signal to say a disc has been inserted.

They may be stuck. You can clean them with some Isoprol Alchohol (that is more than likely spelt wrongly).

Make sure they move freely and then try a disc again.
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I am afraid your machine is definitely "modified", this behavoiur is normal in certain PC double density drives. I used to have a Panasonic like this.
You can either modify it or, in workbench, use the "diskchange" command to recognize the new disk.

You should get a CF HD regardless, using floppies is cumbersome and a bit pointless nowadays.
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The time and frustration involved in fixing an old drive that then may or may not work, should be considered when one can get a new working drive from Amigakit.
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The white pins didn't make a difference initially, however, at one point I had it powered on and vertical with the floppy drive in the air so I could see inside, and suddenly it started to click and I was able to change disks. Once I put it back on my desk again, it stopped working. So there is certainly something wrong with the drive.

I tried the diskchange command from the execute command option from the menu, typing;


however, with a new disk in the drive it simply asks for the workbench disk, which if I then put it back in, it won't accept. If I issue the DISKCHANGE command with workbench still in it, it runs, clicks the drive, but obviously workbench is in the drive so nothing really happens.

As I said before, I will be getting a hard disk soon, and yes I realise that floppies are clearly outdated, but it was part of the Amiga experience I had. I never knew the Amiga with a hard disk.

I think bdb is right, it'd be great if it were a very quick fix, but it's probably easier to get a replacement disk drive.

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Might also be worth trying with a different ribbon cable.
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Gets there in the end...

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Does it work if you copy diskchange from C: to RAM: and run it from there instead?
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Originally Posted by Coagulus View Post
Does it work if you copy diskchange from C: to RAM: and run it from there instead?
Better yet, copy the command to RAM: and a script that loops and repeatedly calls the disk change command ad nauseum while you wait for your new drive from Amigakit. :-) ♥
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